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"Pancake Sunday and Textbook Flirting" is the tenth episode in season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 12, 2023.


Mary struggles to make new friends while Mandy pushes Georgie to date another woman.[1]


Feeling a little empty on Sunday, Mary wants to cook pancakes for breakfast, with available ingredients for bacon, chocolate chips, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. George declines as he has some tea time for Coach Wilkins, who is still going through the divorce. She asks Missy, who declines as well because she is going to Six Flags with her friend Jamie and his family. Sheldon asks what is going on, but says it normally is cereal for Sunday for three years. Mary then makes his pancake mixed in with Bran Buds, but Sheldon is dissatisfied.

Amber comes to the Video Store and asks for a video recommendation between Uncle Buck and Encino Man. Georgie recommends Encino Man because Pauly Shore is a comedy God. She checks out and leaves. Mandy says she was flirting with him and encourages him to date her.

Mary takes her pancakes to her mother Meemaw and is greeted by Dale. They sit at a table and Dale eats the pancakes. They talk about doing something, but Dale wants to go fishing.

Georgie and Mandy are in the car. Georgie is curious if Mandy wants him to date other women. He also spitefully says she should date someone else.

George comes home and Mary greets him, stating that her Sundays feel empty without any activity such as church and Sunday prayer group.

At the store, Georgie asks out Amber and wonders about a Mexican place, to which she wants to go there the next day.

At school, Mary shows up to Missy's middle school to volunteer for the school's book fair, and while she is at her locker, much to her shock. Missy tells Mary that she is embarrassed that she's there and for her to leave before she faces any further embarrassment. She compromises and says that she'll do anything with Mary on the weekend as long as she's not at her school or in public. At home, Georgie asks George for dating advice. George doesn't say much. He goes to ask Dale, who doesn't give much advice either.

Mary sees Brenda at a bar and joins the group, which Brenda describes as “salty”. They have a good time talking and find out that Brenda is seeing somebody else after her divorce, and changed her last name as well.

After the date, the two talk to each other on the date. Amber reveals she is through a divorce after a 1-year marriage. Amber says it was complicated.

At the bar, Mary and the women share stories. When Mary returns home, she tells George how happy she was that she finally enjoyed herself and made friends, she tells him that Brenda is seeing somebody after her divorce who may or may not be married. Worried, George goes next door to confront her asking if the mystery guy was him all along, but Brenda denies it by saying that if she didn't tell them; she won't tell him either and wastes no time accusing George of being jealous and he vehemently denies as she tells him to back home to his wife when he leaves.

At Meemaw's house, Mandy watches the window to check for Georgie, but he hasn't shown up, leading her and Meemaw to talk about how Mandy says she wants to push him away, yet she needs him. She confides that she's having second thoughts about Georgie seeing Amber despite having a baby together. Mandy tells her that if it wasn't for the baby, she wouldn't have been involved with Georgie at all after the fact. Meemaw tells her that there is a baby involved. Meemaw decides to call Dale and yell at him.

Meanwhile, Sheldon tells Mary about his plot and plan but she wants more sleep due to her being hungover from the other night. Sheldon insists on doing it as it has over 100 pages if she wants to catch up on watching the Animated series.

In the end, Georgie tells Mandy that he is happy that he saw Amber, she says that she is happy for him, and as he leaves she is regretting her actions.