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"One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires" is the first episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 7, 2021.


Sheldon and Missy both run away from home and Mary gets upsetting news about George Sr.[1]

Extended Plot[]

The episode continues from the previous episode. Brenda and George were talking at the bar while drinking. He is away from the family for once while her husband has Billy and Bobbi. She was a cheerleader and was at the bottom instead of at the top. He liked Lynyrd Skynyrd. They both had been at a show in 1976 and they did not know it. Meanwhile, Missy is not happy that she has to “compete” with an 7th grader for Marcus's attention. Sheldon wants to go home, but Missy does not want to do so; so he wants her to continue complain about Marcus so he can get some sleep by boredom. George feels problems. Brenda calls for emergency services. Paramedics think it is his heart and takes him to the Medford Community Hospital. Georgie is at Jana's house kissing each other when he receives a ping on his pager; he wants to decline but Jana insists on it. He uses the Boggs phone for a call and it is Meemaw; she asks where she is, and he says work, a situation that is strange for occurring at that late at night. He answers and is told by Meemaw about it. She asks if the twins are somewhere, but he know where they are. He is concerned and goes to the Cabin in the Woods to tell them.

Mary is at the hospital with Brenda when they are told by Doctor Kwok he is ok. He was suffering from Angina Pectoris and will need a few days for observation. That night, Meemaw talks to the twins. Missy said thank God and Sheldon says thank modern medicine. Sheldon wanted to talk about something but Meemaw leaves. That night, he likes the soothing music of the soothing music tunes of the theme from Star Trek the Original series.

A few days later, George is driven home by Mary. Mary wanted to talk about a few nights prior as they had a fight. George does not want to remember it at all. The radio is on and starts playing Lynyrd Skynyrd, something that prompts him to turn it off. At home, Mary tells the kids to let him relax. Sheldon thinks it would be soothing for a spirited discussing about morality. He talks to his dad about his trip to the cabin in the woods. He and Missy broke the rules a few nights back and did not receive any punishment. If actions do not have consequences, society breaks down. He then mentions Socrates made a wisdom that anyone who lies to himself has a darkness in them.

Jeff Difford comes in to see George. There were some Get Well Cards from Sunday School. He says a pray and leaves immediately so George can get some rest. Sheldon leaves the house to ask Meemaw about moral quandaries. He wanted to learn from the person with the described least moral person he knows. Meemaw wanted to shut the door but Sheldon wants to know about punishment not being applied after misbehavior. When he mentions about endless romantic partners, she shuts the door and says no when he asks if there was a man in there.

Later in the night, Missy talks to her father and apologizes about feeling bad. She sits on the bed and cries a bit to him. Mary momentarily comes in and tells George that they should invite Brenda over for dinner. Georgie leaves the house and sees George fixing a radio. He wonders if he should do anything with a weak heart. Georgie admits he wants to go see Jana and hope no more health emergencies occur. He leaves and George is appreciative that Georgie is honest. Brenda peers over the fence and asks something; George does not remember that night and so does Brenda pretends to not remembering. Sheldon goes to Davidson's and asks John Sturgis about stuff. He brings up the ring mentioned by Plato; if someone wears a ring that grants invisibility, would someone commit acts of crimes. Sheldon then mentions it sounds like it is from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Later that night, Brenda calls and says she can't make it to dinner. Mary cooks something and encourages George to send them over. George goes and talks to them. They are glad they had someone to talk to as a friend.

In a mid credits scene, Missy burns the journal on the grill.






  • This is an immediate sequel to the previous episode.



  • Music:
  • The movie Meemaw was watching when she received the call from Mary about George was "Any Which Way You Can."
  • George Sr won't pass away until Sheldon graduates college and moves to Pasadena for Caltech.