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Amy tries to help Sheldon with his closure obsession where he has to make sure that everything is completed when he keeps trying to get his T.V show, Alphas, re-aired after it gets cancelled.

The Exercises[]

In "The Closure Alternative", Amy explains to Sheldon that he has a pathological need for closure. She can help him retrain his neural pathways to help him out. 

Sheldon denies that he has a problem. Amy takes Sheldon through a series of exercises, where she won't let him finish things to help him with his compulsive need for closure.

The exercises she takes him through and his reactions are:


Amy and Sheldon playing Tic-Tac-Toe

She tells him that "We live in a world where closure is not always an op..."

Sheldon waits as she picks at her nails and then shouts "tion".

  • She starts by playing {{w|tic-tac-toe on a whiteboard with him and erases it before he can win.

Sheldon says that he wants to pull his face off and tear it in two and tear it again and again.

  • Amy plays the American National Anthem and doesn't play or sing the last note.

Sheldon's nose twitches.

  • Next Sheldon has dominoes set up on the floor for toppling and Amy tells him to put them away.

and Sheldon mimics her

  • Sheldon spins a child's jack-in-the-box and Amy pulls it away from him.

Sheldon gets more agitated when she takes it away.

  • Amy has a birthday cake and tells him to blow out the candles and covers one of them.

He says "I wished you were dead."

  • Amy is leaving as Sheldon calls her "a wonderful neuroscientist, an excellent girlfriend and..."

She asks "And??" He tells her that it doesn't matter. Sheldon closes the door and says, "..and a complete sucker.

Immediately afterwards:

When Amy leaves Sheldon goes back to all his tasks of the night and finishes them.

  • He re-draws the tic-tac-toe game exactly the way it was.
  • He re-lights the birthday candles and blows them out.
  • He re-spins the jack-in-the-box.
  • He re-plays and re-sings the full national anthem with his hand over his heart.
  • He re-sets the dominoes exactly the way they were and knocks them all down.

Sheldon rolls over in relief almost having an orgasmic reaction.