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New Jersey is an eastern state in the United States. Leonard moved to Pasadena from NJ to take a job at Caltech. Leonard also went to Princeton University that is located in New Jersey.

Road map of New Jersey and vicinity.

Beverly Hofstadter lives in New Jersey and Howard's mother Debbie Wolowitz was born there.

Amy Farrah Fowler spent a summer doing research at Princeton University.

New Jersey is the fourth smallest state, but the most densely populated situated and part of the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Historically it was settled by the Lenape Native Americans and colonized by the Dutch and Swedes in the late seventeenth century. After years as an English colony, several significant battles occurred during the American Revolution. A major source of agricultural and manufactured goods, the state grew rapidly in the second half of the twentieth century as a major suburban area.

In popular perception, NJ gets a woefully bad press, thought of as a state where disposable income is in inverse proportion to good taste, marked by an uncouth and harsh-on-the-ear accent, people of minimal education and limited intellectual curiosity, and too close to major population centres (New York especially) to have any identity of its own. apart from the lowest-common-denominator bad stuff. (British readers will instantly perceive that in an ideal world, New Jersey should be twinned with Essex.) This is the home state of Leonard Hofstadter, possibly explaining why he got as far away from it as possible whilst remaining in the same country.

The state flag of New Jersey, as seen in The Graduation Transmission

Dialogue from The Graduation Transmission:

Penny: I’ve never been to New Jersey before.
Leonard: It gets a bad rap from shows like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives.
Penny: So it’s not really like that?
Leonard: No, it’s like that.

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