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New Jersey is an eastern state in the United States. Leonard moved to Pasadena from NJ to take a job at Caltech. Leonard also went to Princeton University that is located in New Jersey.

New Jersey 2

Road map of New Jersey and vicinity.

Beverly Hofstadter lives in New Jersey and Howard's mother Debbie Wolowitz was born there.

Amy Farrah Fowler spent a summer doing research at Princeton University.

This is the home state of Leonard Hofstadter, possibly explaining why he got as far away from it as possible whilst remaining in the same country.

New Jersey 1

The state flag of New Jersey, as seen in The Graduation Transmission

Dialogue from The Graduation Transmission:

Penny: I’ve never been to New Jersey before.
Leonard: It gets a bad rap from shows like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives.
Penny: So it’s not really like that?
Leonard: No, it’s like that.

The state became the home of Herschel Sparks after his divorce from Brenda Sparks. He moved in the 1990s, presumably after a divorce.(Funeral)

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