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Never Have I Ever is a drinking game where one person says never have I ever (Done Something) if someone else has done that thing they have to drink. It has only ever appeared in one episode.


Penny: Never Have I Ever

Leonard:Never Have I Ever Been Arrested : Sheldon Drinks

Leonard:Never Have I Ever Used Sheldon's Toothbrush To Clean The Sink : Penny Drinks

Penny: Never Have I Ever Come Up With A Nickname For My Own Genitals : Leonard Drinks

Amy: Never Have I Ever Completely Rocked My Girlfriends World In Bed : Sheldon and Leonard Drink

Sheldon : Never Have I Ever Kept A Secret Bank Account Because I Don't Think My Wife Can Handle Money : Leonard Did But He Does Not Drink

Sheldon and Amy:[]

Sheldon Oh, never have I ever drunk milk past its expiration date.

Amy: Never have I ever cancelled a dentist appointment.

Sheldon Oh, uh, never have I ever put my foot in the ocean.

Amy: Never have I ever honked if I liked anything.

Sheldon Oh, uh, never have I ever thrown, caught or touched a Frisbee.

Amy: : Never have I ever put salt on my food without trying it first.

Sheldon Oh. Never have I ever pushed all the buttons in an elevator. Amy drinks.

Amy: Well, we all have a past.



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