A map of Nebraska.

Nebraska is a midwestern state in the United States. Penny moved to Pasadena when she was 17 or 18 from a farm near Omaha, the state's largest city.

Penny lived on the family farm outside of Omaha and when she is first introduced, she is writing a movie about a girl from Lincoln, Nebraska.

The University of Nebraska nickname is the "Cornhuskers" whose football team has a fan in Penny.

Nebraska also has a major pig-farming and pork-producing agro-industry. So, despite the manner of his demise, Moondance was one exceedingly lucky pig.

When Sheldon is looking for a new place to live, he eliminates the entire state of Nebraska knowing Penny lived there in "The Bozeman Reaction".


  • it was confusing, and not just to non-Americans, when in one episode Penny appeared to refer to herself as an "Okie". Strictly speaking, this is a term (not always of endearment) applied to people from the state of Oklahoma Oklahoma. It could be the scriptwriters got it wrong, and Kaley, being a native Californian, didn't pick up on the discrepancy with her character; however, a search on the word "Okie" as a diminutive of "Oklahoman" threw up this interesting snippet. When farms in the mid-west failed in the dustbowl years of the 1930s, and desperate families flooded west into California in search of a new life, native Californians got into a habit of calling every mid-Westerner an "Okie" regardless of state of origin. So maybe Penny got so tired of correcting people calling her an Okie that she just went with it.
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