She is the Librarian at Medford High School in Rockets, Communist, and the Dewey Decimal System. She asks Sheldon how he is doing and asks him if he wants a book on quantum mechanics, astronomy, or any other science subjects. Sheldon tells her that he needs a book on how to make friends. She finds a book on how to make friends and gives the book to Sheldon. She says the book will definitely help him make a friend. She later appears In "Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers" where Sheldon and Tam are in the library and Sheldon asks her what her religion is, she tells Sheldon that she is a Mormon and that when she dies, she has to go to her husband's planet. But she doesn't so maybe she'll go to her cat's planet. Sheldon says she is funny. Sheldon presumably still pays a visit to the school library to read science books, hang out with Tam during lunch, and talk to Ms. Hutchins about new science books that see in the library.

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