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Mrs. Latham at the fund raiser.

Mrs Latham appears in "The Benefactor Factor" and is played by actress Jessica Walter.

The gang is attending a Saturday night fund raiser for Caltech and they meet Mrs. Latham, a major university donor. She likes to throw zingers at people and make them uncomfortable, which she considers an advantage to being rich. Mrs. Latham invites Leonard to dinner to talk more about his research. After the dinner, she was flirting with Leonard on the way home. She kisses him on the lips, causing great discomfort towards Leonard. The next night, Mrs. Latham asks Leonard if he's hungry. He replies with "For food, right?", indicating indirectly that he is uncomfortable. She picks up this comment right away; however, she tells Leonard that she was going to donate the money to Caltech whether anything happened or not and hints to Leonard that she is skilled enough in the art of love-making to land her rich husband. Once Leonard realizes that he is not just being used, he gives in. The following morning, Leonard gets home just as Penny is going out for a jog. She kids him about doing the "walk of shame". It is later implied she had a relationship with President Siebert. (The Benefactor Factor)