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"Money Laundering and a Cascade of Hormones" is the sixth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on November 11, 2021.


Missy asks some uncomfortable questions at church, and Meemaw and Georgie go into business together.[1]

Extended Plot[]

On Sunday, the topic of the day turned to be relationships, wives, and relationships. Sheldon mentions Abraham had 2, Jacob had 4, and Solomon had 1,000. Missy had asked if boyfriends and girlfriends are ok. Rob answers some questions but gets asked “what exactly is third base?” The four, Pastor Jeff, Rob, Peg, and Mary are meeting about the recent questions and generally about sex-related questions the students will ask about stuff. Rob was interested in possibly letting the kids learn about sexual education; he is more pro education earlier before they start learning it on television. Mary thinks it is best for the parents to teach their children. Pastor and Jeff both are concerned as it is not something appropriate and could cause problems. Mary thinks Rob knows a lot despite being childless; Peg makes cat noises, implying she is a cougar.

At the casino, Meemaw wants him to go home. Georgie wants to continue. Georgie attempts to haggle to pay him, but she wants to pay him less than what Dale pays him. She tries to say she will tell his mother; he wants to tell his mother whether he should mention she owns one. At home, Mary tells George about Missy's questions over sex; she wants George to explain to her. George had made a disaster when tell Georgie, but says “not it’. Mary sits them down to talk about the reproductive talk. Missy says she does not want to ask and rebuffs it because she knows what will be said; she maintains her innocence and that it is a sin until marriage. Missy leaves and Sheldon says when people are adults, a casket of hormones are released. When Missy is in her room, Sheldon talks to her in via the window because she left the last time they fought; Missy does not want to talk to Mary about anything and says “ew” Sheldon goes to Davidson's grocery store to ask John Sturgis for advice. He said it would be inappropriate to ask about it to random people. He points out Andy to ask about something, but get no answer. He is fired by the manager and tells Sheldon that it is not appropriate to say such stuff.

At church, Rob said Mary was right as he overstepped his boundaries. Mary also admits she may have overstepped and states that the kids could have someone to learn from aside from their parents. Rob was thinking of having both of them together talking and he enjoys seeing Jeff turn red on a mention of Sex. They work on multiple ideas and methods; Rob suggests she uses her own experience in marriage to tell them. Rob tells her about his life being wild and finding his journey to Christ. Mary is clearly turned on and likes that, making the meeting awkward. That night, she dreams of Rob coming over and the pair having sex. Mary and Rob are called to Jeff's house. The talk they planned caused a tizzy among the parents. People had strong feelings and 14 people called and left messages on his answering machine. Jeff says the talk is off and does not want to talk about the talk again and has to call 14 people. At home, Sheldon is reading the Rules of Engagement while George is watching television. Missy comes home and is asked what's wrong. She tells that everyone thinks the talk is a very bad idea; All her friends blame her, and Marjorie Jones took her seat at the lunch table and she got uninvited from two birthday parties.

At the casino, Georgie and Meemaw implement a new system; she talks to Wade about the system. He is confused as he wants to get only money, but he still doesn't get it when Meemaw and Georgie explain to him.

After some time of letting people play casinos and slots, Georgie and Meemaw count coins. They are super happy about the coins earned. After Georgie leaves; Jake comes by and reveals he had heard the illegal operation. Meemaw tries to argue it is a grey area, but Jake turns the table. Argues that people like this probably should invest in the police department like 9 to 11% of their earnings, saying I tis a grey area other wise she could be looking into time in jail. Meemaw hands over money, all in quarters.

Sheldon looks and learns about sex. He reads the thesaurus and choose coitus as the best term. Mary comes into the twins' bedroom where she sees Missy sleeping and calls the girl her angel. Little does she realize her daughter dreams of her marrying Rob, and Jeff officiate them as Mr and Mrs Youth Pastor.






  • Mostly Mary had to tell the difficult question about sex to Missy and Sheldon. Mostly Mary is usually obsessed about Christian faith that they all have to wait until they have sex until they are married.
  • Sheldon, Missy and George Jr all had pre-martial sex growing up. Sheldon stayed as a virgin for a long time even when he was dating Amy. Even Sheldon lost his virginity in season 9 in The Big Bang Theory. Amy and Sheldon were both virgins, Sheldon was never in a hurry, but Amy wanted too.
  • In The Big Bang Theory even after George Sr died and Mary was widowed a long time, she even followed pre-martial sex too.



  • Goof - The Star Trek book, "Rules of Engagement" which Sheldon is reading on the couch as Missy enters was not published until September 2000. As the Cooper twins are no more than 12–13 in this season, that would place the events of this script somewhere around the year 1993 at the latest.
  • This episode is dedicated to Ryan Davis, a re-recording mixer on 49 episodes of Young Sheldon (2017), as well as 67 other movies and TV series.