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  • What the video. She says it quickly, but she definitely months those words. There are four syllables saying "I think, I said". YOu can read her lips as well as hear the sound on this clip. Penny isn't quoting herslef, she is paraphrasing herslef bby begining her comment with "I think". It's not easy to hear, but she did say it.

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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I would like to tell you I'm REALLY grateful that you believe that Sheldon's constant butting into Leonard and Penny's relationship is annoying and not funny at all. And everything that you listed on the page "The Convergence-Convergence". You wrote:

    I gotta ask, why do the writers feel the need to always make Sheldon include himself into Penny and Leonard's relationship? It's kind of annoying and not funny at all. I mean, they do this all the time:

    - Sheldon interrupted Penny and Leonard's first time together in the Season 3 premiere (though he was furious at Leonard for deceiving him, so that was a good reason to do so)

    - Sheldon tagged along in the car ride when Penny was dropping off Leonard at the airport in the Season 6 finale

    - Sheldon pushed them to pick a wedding date in the Season 8 finale

    - Sheldon turned to the couple for safety after they got robbed

    - When Leonard got the chance to see the Large Hadron Collider on Valentine's day, Sheldon invited himself instead of letting Leonard bring Penny

    - When the two first got married at the beginning of the Season, Sheldon gave them an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco (and went with them)

    - He makes them stay with him at the Apartment, not allowing Leonard to move out entirely

    - The fact that in "The Convergence-Convergence, Sheldon invited his mother to the wedding (assuming that "OUR wedding" meant Leonard, Penny, and himself for some reason), and that it's not his wedding with Amy

    Sheldon is really such a pest in Leonard's romances. No wonder Leonard didn't tell Sheldon about his early return from his trip in Season 7.

    You're right about everything! Also I have to say I'm glad Leonard didn't Sheldon he returned home early because I think it could serve Sheldon right for tagging along in the car trip and telling Penny what was in the present Leonard gave her.

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    • People are strong enough. I know you are too. If the other characters can swallow their pride not to destroy Sheldon and even look at him, you can do the same.

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    • I don't know. He is especially a jerk in "The Extract Obliteration" (S6E6), The Parking Lot Escalation (S6E9), The Itchy Brain Stimulation" (S7E8), The Retraction Reaction (S11E2) and at the end of "The Cushion Saturation" (S2E16).

      As for me, I never really liked Sheldon. Which is why, I always love it when something bad happens to him.

      And the writers suck for their bad storylines! And also for keeping family members either unseen or vanished for too long before reappearing!

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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I saw your comment on the page "The Emotion Detection Automation. You said:

    After reading the part about the Leonard-Penny plot, you can really tell they're running low on ideas because the fact that they're fighting over Penny's brother staying with them isn't too different from when they fought over one of Penny's ex-boyfriends staying with her in "The Guitarist Amplification".

    How is it not too different Leonard and Penny fighting over Penny's brother staying with them isn't too different from when they fought over one of Penny's ex-boyfriends staying with her?

    And I think no one can stay with Leonard and Penny unless they throw Theodore out! That stupid shit idiot, Sheldon! Don't you agree?

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    • Thank you! And the first bit (maybe STILL there, but no appearance or mention)?

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    • Keep in mind that there's no proof of anything, whether if it's of him having already left or him still there. So basically, that just leaves a lot for us to imagine.

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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I just want to reply to your comment of what you wrote on the page "The Emotion Detection Automation".

    You said:

    "I have a strong feeling that the writers are really going downhill, especially considering that this is the third upcoming episode in a row that involves Leonard and Penny fighting. This really has to end because it's not funny."

    You mean Leonard and Penny fighting really has to end because it's not funny, right?

    And if the show is to stop going downhill, perhaps fans should complain to the writers and also give the writers my ideas which I post and that I'm sure you've seen.

    Don't you agree?

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    • Yes, I agree.

      And I truly do mean that a Lenny fight isn't funny. However, some people who've seen the show might actually think it is, and I could know why. It's writing like this that indicates the show really is declining in quality and that this kind of plot is their desperatly sad attempt to make it better, which it probably won't.

      No disrespect to Chuck Lorre, but I don't really see this fighting getting the characters or the show anywhere into comedy (not even Howard and Bernadette's arguing was that amusing).

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    • What do you mean by "sad attempt to make it better, which it probably won't"?

      And d'you think my posted ideas should be sent to the creators to make the show better?

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    • Basically, I meant that people are losing interest in the show that they're doing that just to get them watching again (and to get a rise out of everyone who IS still watching).

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  • I noticed that you deleted Howard Wolowitz from the people that Sheldon never did the knock on (which I added to the page's trivia section). If so, then is there an episode where Sheldon actually does do the knock on Howard's door? I have seen all the episodes up to Season 10 and I do not recall any scenes where Sheldon used his signature knock on Howard's door.

    By the way, Howard using Sheldon's knock in "The Hot Troll Deviation" (S4E4) would not count as Howard did the knock, not Sheldon.

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    • If you checked the "Episodes" section of that article, it says that Sheldon used a similar version of the knock for Howard by tapping on his shoulder so he'd let him use the bathroom, which is true (you'd know this by watching "The Friendship Turbulence"). I don't know who was responsible for including that, but I think that was the one that counted.

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    • Ah yes, I remember that scene now that you mentioned it. It's because I had never seen Sheldon knock on Howard's door before, but that scene in "The Friendship Turbulence" where Sheldon taps on his shoulder would definitely count as a variation of the knock. Thanks for the clarification.

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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I saw your comments on the page of "The Romance Recalibration" where you don't think it's good for Leonard and Penny to have a Relationship Agreement, unlike Sheldon and Amy but you think it isn't right for them.

    Does this mean you are against what the writers have written for this episode? They should end Lenny fighting, don't you agree?

    Do you think the writers' minds and ideas are ridiculous and dull?

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    • Yes, I do, Harrypotter394. I do wish that the writers would stop with so much fighting between those two. And I also want them to find any way to resolve these issues, just not with a Relationship Agreement because that basically just means they're turning into Sheldon and Amy.

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    • Then you know what should happen? They should be sent a letter to make better episodes and aI have great ideas right here:

      These characters should return/appear and these things should happen in Season 10 and Season 11 and possible future seasons:


      • Kurt, Dennis Kim, Dennis's girlfriend Emma, Eric Gablehauser, Mrs. Fowler, Priya Koothrappali, Missy Cooper, Mrs. Rostenkowski, Jeanie, Eric from "The Locomotive Manipulation" (S7E15), Zack Johnson, Alex Jensen, Josh Wolowitz, Dimitri, Dr. Gallo, Dave Gibbs, Leslie Winkle, Meemaw, Lalita Gupta, Professor Proton, Mike Rostenkowski, Lucy, Ramona Nowitzki, Kathy O’Brian, Cinnamon, Alice, Sebastian, Louie/Louise, Joyce Kim, Elizabeth Plimpton


      • Leonard's brother Michael, Leonard's sister, Leonard's brother's fiancée or now-wife (The NJ judge mentioned in "The Maternal Congruence"), Leonard's sister's husband, Sheldon's brother George Jr., Missy's husband and son, Sheldon's father George Sr. and maternal grandfather Pop-Pop (in a flashback/flashbacks since they died before the show started), Sheldon's brother's "whore" girlfriend (Mentioned in "The Matrimonial Momentum"), Amy's father, Bernadette's 5 siblings, her nephews/nieces and siblings-in-law, Penny's sister, Penny's sister's shot husband (I hope he's not dead), Penny's nephew, Sam Wolowitz, Raj's other sister and 3 brothers, Josh's mother/Howard's stepmother/Sam's second wife, Leslie's parents, Leslie's sister (if possible), Leslie's sister's spouse (if possible)


      • Leslie is re-promoted to main cast, Alex returns and becomes a main character and begins dating Stuart and Leslie and Alex are semi-regulars like Stuart and Claire becomes a main character, making it a total of 12, also counting the main 7
      • Howard, Raj and Bernadette properly meet Leonard’s father and Emily, Alex, Claire and Leslie meet him too.
      • Leonard accompanies Penny, Bernadette and Amy on their next Girls' Night
      • Amy's father, Stuart's parents, Emily’s parents, Claire’s parents, Leslie's parents, Alex's parents and Josh's mother/Howard's stepmother/Sam's second wife mentioned/seen for the first time
      • More mentions and appearances of both main and recurring characters' family members
      • Penny, Bernadette, Amy, Emily, Claire, Leslie and Alex angrily berate Beverly for her treatment and raising of Leonard and for causing all the bad stuff and negativity in him, causing Beverly to become frightened of them, but mostly of Bernadette and Emily, due to their darker and scary sides and to be more good to Leonard
      • Leonard finds out that his mother kissed Sheldon
      • Mary gets drunk and kisses Leonard, making it even after his mother kisses Sheldon and this is witnessed by Alfred and the girls
      • Priya returns to Los Angeles to live there because she gets a job there and wants to start things up again with Leonard and she freaks out when she finds out he's now married to Penny and freaks out even more when she finds out he was still in love with Penny when Priya was dating Leonard
      • Amy, Stuart, Emily, Claire and Alex reveal whether they have siblings or not (Amy can have a half-sister and half-brother through her father and a stepbrother and stepsister through her stepmother, Stuart, Emily and Claire can each have one brother and one sister and Alex can have 2 sisters and 3 brothers & maybe Emily and Claire can be revealed to be half-sisters; Emily and Claire each have one brother and one sister and the Sweeney kids and Claire and her 2 siblings are half-siblings)
      • The main characters have discussions of their families and family lives
      • The rest of the gang (Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Amy, Stuart, and if possible, Emily, Claire, Alex and Leslie) meet Howard's half-brother Josh.
      • Bernadette and Stuart properly meet Sheldon's mother and she also meets Leslie, Emily, Claire and Alex
      • Bernadette and Sheldon's mother form a very close friendship
      • Sheldon's mother helps Howard and Bernadette with their baby and they are so happy, that they want to her to stay for a few weeks
      • Emily, Claire and Alex meet Leonard's mother and Leslie Winkle (since all 3 were absent from Sheldon's birthday party in "The Celebration Experimentation")
      • Howard, Bernadette, Raj, Stuart, Emily, Leslie, Claire and Alex meet Sheldon's grandmother Constance a.k.a. Meemaw
      • Sheldon's mother is remarried to Leonard's father meaning Leonard and Sheldon are now stepbrothers
      • Bernadette's mother properly meets the rest of the gang and she becomes their new mother figure, replacing Howard's mother since she died
      • Amy's mother meets the rest of the gang and Sheldon's mother and is berated for not being a good mother to Amy
      • Penny finds out that Howard and Bernadette knew about Leonard's accidental indiscretion and Leonard and Penny find out that Sheldon ruined their wedding ceremony via the TV then a fight ensues between the gang, and Sheldon's mother stops the fight and helps reconcile the friends
      • Penny becomes pregnant sometime after Howard and Bernadette's baby is born, then later Amy becomes pregnant
      • Penny's parents like Leonard better than they like Sheldon and Leonard says this line to Sheldon: "It is not my fault that Penny's parents like me better than they like you!"
      • Howard's father returns and he meets all of his son's friends and they reconcile
      • Howard and the rest of the gang meet Howard's stepmother (Josh's mother)
      • Penny's parents come to Pasadena and Wyatt bonds with Leonard and they spend their time with Sheldon, Howard and Raj while Penny's mother spends time with the girls
      • Sheldon and Bernadette eventually meet Claire
      • We see Penny, Bernadette and Amy going for naked massages at a spa (like the upcoming one Penny will have in "The Romance Recalibration" - Season 10 Episode 13)
      • Better birthday party for Leonard, like Sheldon's, and more birthday celebrations
      • Dr. Gallo, Mary Cooper and Bernadette become Leonard's mother's worst enemies
      • Get-together with Penny and Leonard's families
      • The whole gang (Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, Stuart, Emily, Leslie, Alex and Claire (if possible)) goes on a trip somewhere outside of the United States (e.g. London, Paris, Cairo, Athens, Tokyo, Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Nova Scotia, somewhere)
      • All main characters get engaged, then married and have children by the end of the show
      • Sheldon stops having problems with weeping women and is able to comfort them, especially Amy, when she cries
      • Sheldon is severely punished by Leonard for ruining paintball with Penny in Season 2
      • Dr. Gallo writes a book about relationships, a much better one than Beverly's high-achieving couples book, and writes about Leonard and Penny's relationship as well as Leonard and Howard's Girlfriend Pact which is a brilliant way to try and get a girlfriend which two guys could do and a Boyfriend Pact between two ladies would be a brilliant way to try and get a boyfriend and this greatly exceeds Beverly's book, and makes Leonard and Penny's relationship and Howard and Raj's Girlfriend Pact become both acclaimed and world-renowned.
      • Sheldon stops having problems with weeping women and is able to comfort Amy when she cries
      • Leonard embarrasses his mother in public in retaliation for what she did at the science fair, with help from Dr. Gallo, Mary, Penny, Bernadette and Amy and later at his birthday party gets a ribbon as a birthday present from Penny's family in retaliation for Beverly's act
      • Leslie and Beverly clash
      • Bonding between Leonard's father, Sheldon's mother and Penny's parents
      • Never-ending war between Beverly and Mary and an unbelievable wild argument between the two, then a wrestling fight between the two different mothers and Mary says this line to Beverly: "It is not my fault that your son (Leonard) likes me better than he likes you!"
      • Sheldon's mother visits and spends time with Penny, Bernadette and Amy in Apartment 4B (Like in "The Line Substitution Solution" (S9E23)) and Amy and Bernadette enjoy this experience better than they did with Beverly (in the same mentioned episode)
      • From this season, when family members visit, all main characters should be present (not a single one left out)
      • Leonard tells Bernadette's father to shut up
      • A Harry Potter party happens
      • Raj eventually decides if he wants to be with either Emily or Claire and this happens: Emily reveals herself as openly lesbian and so does and they start a relationship and Raj begins a relationship with Claire
      • Friendly moments of a new friendly relationship between Sheldon and Leslie
      • Sheldon and Amy have sex again and start having it more often
      • Dr. Gallo becomes a family friend and a very close friend to Leonard and Penny
      • Episodes with flashbacks with children playing the main characters in their childhood
      • Penny continues to be a pharmaceutical sales rep for the rest of her life since she makes an extremely large amount of mone and is good at her job, and she can also do bartending and screenwriting with Claire randomly since they are equivalents due to their blonde hair and Claire's jobs since Penny is a former waitress and has tried to be an actress and even wrote a screenplay (Mentioned in the 'Pilot').
      • Leonard and Penny get Theodore to move in with the Wolowitzes, have Apartment 4A to themselves, then move into a big house near Howard and Bernadette's house with a big garden and a big garage with two or three garage doors.
      • Sheldon is made to stop butting into Leonard and Penny's relationship
      • No more fighting between Leonard and Penny
      • Leonard has a more close, warm and loving relationship with Bernadette and starts a close brother-sister relationship with Amy and Leonard bonds with them and we see much more loving moments between Leonard and Bernadette and much less bad moments between them
      • Leonard and Amy become closer friends and form a strong bond because she has much more in common with him than with Howard and Raj:
        • They both have Ph.D.'s
        • They both wear glasses
        • They both have very disappointing mothers
        • They both had difficult childhoods caused by their very disappointing mothers
        • They have both been hugged by Sheldon
        • They are very devoted to their significant others
        • They have connections with Harvard University

      After Beverly agrees with Alfred that one wonderful thing that came out of their relationship was Leonard, what will be next? Will she now be good or will she continue to be an idiot, Buzz-Lightyear-deluded old cow? Or was perhaps Beverly lying?


      • Beverly makes Penny cry and Penny hugs Leonard tightly who hugs her back and comforts her and Amy and Bernadette call them a wonderful couple and Beverly is angrily reprimanded
      • Beverly is banned from hanging out alone with Penny, Bernadette and Amy forever
      • Beverly only interviews Amy, Sheldon, Bernadette and Howard but refuses to interview Leonard and Penny and in retaliation, Dr. Gallo interviews them and a new couple: Alfred and Mary and releases a book about relationships with these two relationships in the book, explaining that some couples with two very different people can also go very strong and last eternally and it becomes world-renowned and acclaimed and much more popular than Beverly's high-achieving couples book and also Leonard, Penny, Alfred and Mary write a book of their own entitled 'Life With Beverly' which talks about Beverly in their lives and how the 4 have gone through with her and then Leonard, Penny, Alfred, Mary and Dr. Gallo are invited on a morning TV talk show where they are interviewed about the books with the two couples saying they feel so strong in their relationships, despite differences and the second one where Leonard and Alfred talk about their lives with Beverly in them in both past and present and what she did to them in both times and how Penny and Mary feel around her and Penny also reveals that she and Leonard are interviewing because of what Beverly did to them about interview refusal and also they talk about the fact that the one known thing that Lenny have in common is the fact that when they were growing up, they had issues with the opposite gender parent and they also talk about the Howardette (2nd place) and Shamy relationships (3rd place) and about Raj's selective mutism and his love life too and how their relationship exceeds these three relationships (which is true):

      HOWARDETTE Bernadette upsets Howard by denying having kids and Howard upsets Bernadette by treating her more like a mother than a wife and the two are sometimes having big money issues. Neither of these three happen with Leonard and Penny

      SHAMY Sheldon is acting crazy and not wanting to do things with Amy or doing things to her that Leonard and Penny have done or barely done:

      - Lip kissing (Leonard and Penny do this a lot) - Sleeping together (Leonard and Penny do this a lot) - Treating each other respectfully and like lovers, not like dogs (Leonard and Penny do this a lot) - Acting mature and supportive (mostly Leonard) - Hugging (Leonard and Penny do this a lot) - Not skipping events to do other things (Leonard does this mostly) - Being scared of sex (Sheldon)

      RAJ -Broke up with Emily right before Valentine's Day to chase another girl -Selective mutism

      Beverly, Sheldon, Amy, Howard, Bernadette, Raj and whoever else watch the whole show and by the end, the Shamy and Howardette couples and also Raj and whoever else are completely disgusted and angry with Beverly for refusing to interview Leonard and Penny and for being the cause of them revealing their relationships on TV, after the interview with the 2 couples, Beverly is shunned worldwide for being a terrible wife, mother, mother-in-law and person after all of Alfred, Leonard, Penny and Mary's stories are heard and Beverly ain't much of a world-renowned and acclaimed psychiatrist no more and Beverly could become a mortal enemy to all of the gang for what she did. Later reporters come and interrogate the gang about being terrible and they all feel so remorseful after, but not before Leonard, Penny, Alfred, Mary and Dr. Gallo talk to them about their TV interview and Beverly.


      • Leonard stops experimental physics full time and starts doing it part time and starts doing theoretical physics and starts teaching physics either at the university or another university.
      • Leonard and Penny are humiliated by Beverly and Sheldon and in retaliation, they decide to buy a house (which they have been wanting to do), they don't tell anyone, they finally get it and everyone is shocked while Sheldon is really upset and gets really mad at Beverly for dragging him into the humiliation act and Beverly is repeatedly shunned for being a bad mother and she and Sheldon become enemies.
      • Penny gets an award at Zangen for her sales
      • Leonard receives a lot more awards for his brilliance
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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I saw that you replied to Silkworm's Bot comment on Leslie Winkle's page about which Emily I'm wishing that Leslie should end up with and you are quite right that I mean it's who I'm wishing was a lesbian and I wish Leslie was a lesbian too and they become lovers. Cause they were both main characters and the deaf Emily was boring she was deaf and had no lines in her one and only appearance... and if you're wondering about Stuart and Raj, by the way, I'm wishing for Stuart to end up with Alex and Raj to end up with Claire.

    Then there'd be 12 main characters: Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, Leslie, Emily, Stuart, Alex and Claire.

    What do you think of this?

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    • Let's just see where exactly the writers will take the show (i.e. comedy and storyline wise). There's the current issues of the guys building the military guidance system (which was Sheldon's fault), Raj's love life, and Sheldon finding the right time to propose to Amy.

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    • Also, the fictional story I wrote about Leonard's brothers would make for both a comedic sense in the beginning, and a serious note by the end, like the Fresh Prince episode where Will's father appeared and left him again.

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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I just wanna ask: How can you be sure that the Vietnamese Girl died?

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    • Well, the dialogue clearly stated that she "didn't make it through the night". That's a pretty strong implication, no matter how tragic it is.

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    • Hi, Giangster!

      You were actually right about the Vietnamese Girl dying because it says in the DVD's in either the French or Spanish audio or in both audios.

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  • "Raj Talks Without Alcohol"? How do you know this when they haven't even filmed to episode?

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    • The category is meant to highlight the fact that Raj can speak to women without it in those episodes. If you think there's a mistake with it, remove the category. That's all.

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  • Hi, Giangster!

    I need to tell you that in case in you might have forgotten, Penny has a sister and a brother.

    And in all articles that have been released talking about meeting more of Penny's family, there is no mention of her sister!

    Do you think you could help by leaving any comments to not forget Penny's sister! Because I want her to be at Leonard and Penny's second wedding!

    Thank you!

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    • Harrypotter394,

      I assure you that I never forgot about Penny's siblings. And I'll see what I can do in terms of the comments.

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    • Thank you!

      But this is cause I feel like comment posting on public article sites would be a bit like personal information exposure and so, I kinda don't trust making comments on these types of pages.

      Something has to be done before it's too late!

      Can you help me please?

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