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"Memoir" is the fourteenth episode and part two of the series finale of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 16, 2024.


YOUNG SHELDON ends its seven-year run with a must-see two-episode series finale. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprise their roles as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in an unforgettable hour of television, on part two of the series finale of YOUNG SHELDON.[1]


At the beginning of the episode, a montage of the series' major moments plays. Adult Sheldon is writing his memoir (revealing that the entire prequel was composed of these entries) as his wife Amy occasionally pops in to talk to him.

On a Sunday, 27 days after George Sr.'s death, the kids are eating lunch while Mary tells them they have to go to church. Before this day, Drs. Linkletter and Sturgis had given him a laptop, an IBM ThinkPad, as a gift for graduation. During the sermon, Sheldon decides to use it, and it makes noise that catches Pastor Jeff's attention. Mary tells him to put it away, and when Jeff calls on him, Sheldon decides to show off the computer to all of the "luddites".

Meanwhile, in the modern day, adult Amy and adult Sheldon are at home, while Sheldon continues writing the memoir. Amy comes by and tells him that he needs to shower up and wear a ice hockey jersey because their son Leonard has a hockey game in an hour. He decides against going because, not only does he disapprove of the sport, but he is working on the memoir. He reveals that he still has the IBM ThinkPad, but Amy is not amused.

Back in 1994, Dale is playing his guitar while he and Meemaw talk about how worried she is about Mary. Dale suggests that Sheldon and Missy form a band, as a way to cope with their father's death; it worked for The Carpenters. Meemaw thinks it is a silly idea, and she then tells Dale to put on some pants.

At the Cooper residence, Sheldon asks about the table mat at George's seat, and Mary says George is there in spirit. Sheldon does not believe in it. Mandy attempts to change the topic because it was making everything awkward, but Sheldon could not stop about it. Georgie offers to sit George's seat, but is told to not to do so. Mary wants Sheldon and Missy to be baptized so that their souls are saved, but both do not want to go through the process. Georgie mentions that he himself was baptized, while Missy and Sheldon mention how he only did so to impress his former crush, Veronica Duncan; this interests Mandy and embarrasses Georgie, especially when Missy and Sheldon talk about how Veronica looked similar to Mandy, except taller and younger.

Outside, Mary is grieving but Georgie asks if she is okay and asks if God said something wrong and he will retaliate on her behalf. She scolds his poor choice of words calling him out on being disrespectful. He explains that he wanted to lighten up her mood. Mary then breaks down demanding Georgie to convince Sheldon and Missy to get baptized. He reiterates that he already did so, but all of them treated it like it was as a joke when it is not.

Later in the living room, Missy is watching television while Mandy comes in and talks to Missy, she offers something to do for fun, but does not have great ideas. Missy wanted to go to a bar, but Mandy refuses. The pair go out for a drive in Mandy's car.

The next morning, as Sheldon packs up his stuff in the shared room, Mary walks in and attempts to convince Sheldon to undergo a baptism. Sheldon is concerned about the cleanliness, but Mary tries to reassure him that Peg said she did it, but she will personally scrub it.

As the scene shifts back to modern day, Sheldon impresses himself when he recalls telling his mother "not a chance, lady!" Amy comes back to the home office in a hockey jersey, and tries to tell him to change and get ready for the hockey game. He wants to continue writing but is then sternly told to get his "cute behind" to shower. Sheldon retorts that he will, but only because he likes good hygiene.

At the cemetery, Meemaw joins Mary, bringing a bottle of Lone Star beer, since it was George's favorite. As they talk, Meemaw tells her to pay a bit more attention to the twins as Sheldon is going away to California soon, while Missy is shutting down and pushing everyone away in the midst of her grief. Mary claims that Missy is fine, but Meemaw tells her otherwise. Connie tells her that despite praying so much, the twins do not need her prayers, and that they need their mother.

In the Cooper house, as Sheldon packs up, Missy comes in and remarks that it is "it is so empty". Meemaw comes in and tells them to sit down, and then tells them that they need to go through with the baptism, because Mary needs it. Both of them refuse once again, so she says that while she cannot force Missy to do so, she makes a passionate appeal asking for 20 minutes of their time, in exchange for their mother's sanity. After this, they agree and Missy remarks that grown-ups are weird when they cry. Sheldon does not care to see it either.

At the church, Jeff gives them clothing, but Missy wants to go home instead, making Mary ask her to do it but is rebuffed. Jeff leaves the room to give some space. Mary asks Sheldon if he will leave as well, but he stays because he believes in his mother. In the sanctuary of the church, Jeff is ready for Sheldon as it is a big "get for him". Sheldon comes in a wet suit with a snorkel and goggles to the amusement of multiple other members in attendance. Mary doesn't mind, remarking that the important thing is that he's there.

In the modern day, Amy reads the section where he was baptized, having been surprised that he went through with it. He reveals that the baptism resulted in an ear infection, but it was worth it to make his mother happy. Sheldon admits that while his parents didn't understand him or the things he cares about, they still did everything they could for him. At Amy's prompting, Sheldon notes that having parents who unconditionally supported him despite their differences was very important and realises that he should go to Leonard's hockey game (although he initially declines to wear the jersey he agrees when Amy mentions how cold it is). Amy then mentions that their daughter wants to take acting classes; Sheldon says they never should have let Penny babysit.

Mary eventually sold the house, moving her and Missy to Houston. An adult Sheldon walks around the house, noting that while his dad's chair, his spot on the couch and the dinner table are now gone he still remembers them all perfectly. Missy asks "What are you doing?", and perspective shifts back to young Sheldon, who says that he wanted one last look around so that he will remember the house exactly like it used to be. Missy asks if Sheldon will remember her, to which Sheldon replies that his eidetic memory leaves him no choice in that regard. Missy says "Ha!" and walks away, as Sheldon smiles.

On the campus of California Institute of Technology, Sheldon walks past a sign for the school while a university professor (David Saltzberg) asks if he is lost. Sheldon denies this and says he is exactly where he should be. He walks off as the camera pans to a panorama of the university campus.






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  • Similar to The Big Bang Theory episode "The Change Constant", the episode begins with a montage of all major moments that occurred in the series. The montage in this episode is accompanied by the 1983 song "Major Tom (Coming Home)" by Peter Schilling.
  • The song featured in the last seconds of the series is "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits (1985), which was also the song that played in the first seconds of the Pilot.
  • It's unknown how far in the future that Sheldon is writing his memoir from. In "Funeral", he mentioned that he is around his father's age (either 41 or 42), which could make that entry from 2021-2022, but does not necessarily mean that "Memoir" follows suit; all entries could be from different years.
  • Sheldon and Amy no longer reside in Apartment 4B. They now reside in a house that is still located in Pasadena, and are still in touch with Penny. Their other friends were not mentioned.
  • Mary spending time at George's grave mirrors Meemaw visiting her deceased husband's grave in "Contracts, Rules and a Little Bit of Pig Brains".
  • Mary becomes more devoted to her faith than ever to cope with George's death, which paves the way for her often being portrayed as quite bigoted and "bible-thumping" in The Big Bang Theory.
    • Her negative (and often inconsistent) stories about George seem to stem from her anger about him passing away.
    • Additionally, older Mary seems to only be proud of Sheldon, and looks down on her other children. This could be because he selflessly allowed himself to be baptized; Georgie only wanted to impress Veronica while it is unknown if Missy ever returned to the idea.


Amy Farrah Fowler: Are you writing a memoir or a fantasy novel?
Adult Sheldon: For your information, memoir comes from memory, and these memories are mine.
Amy Farrah Fowler: And since when do you go out of your way to make other people happy?
Adult Sheldon: How about once a year on your birthday?

Mary: Why is it here?
Sheldon: Because it's a laptop, this is where my lap is.

[Final lines of the series, as Sheldon walks the Caltech campus]
Professor: You lost?
Sheldon: No. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.