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Medford Community Hospital

Medford Community Hospital is a hospital in Medford, Texas.

George once had a heart problem and was a patient here. Mary and Meemaw sat in a waiting room and their kids came. A doctor came in and said they will be fine. He was shortly discharged. (Poker, Faith, and Eggs)

George Cooper Sr. once suffered a mild Angina Pectoris and was forced to come to the hospital to seek treatment. Doctor Kwok treated and had to observe his health for a few days. (One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires)

It's like the hospital was renamed from Medford Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. Meemaw had came to the hospital to get her hemorrhoids treated while at the same time Mandy had delivered her daughter Constance at the hospital. Sheldon asked the receptionist Rhonda if the computer had an internet modem but she did not know what was expected. Georgie was sitting outside, when Sheldon talked to him, giving him enough of a pep talk to go in to comfort Mandy. (A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being)