Marty is a cousin of Howard Wolowitz. He is a cousin-in-law of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. He is a cousin once-removed of Halley Wolowitz.

The guys have a video chat with Howard's lawyer cousin Marty. Sheldon wonders how a tax lawyer from Fort Lauderdale could give them advice on intellectual properties. All right, he is from Boca Rotan. Sheldon thinks its pointless as Howard's cousin doesn't do this kind of law and lives in Ft. Lauderdale. Howard retorts that he is really smart because he lasted two days on "Jeopardy!" They call his cousin who is peeved that Howard went into outer space, so whatever he accomplishes, his mother will be disappointed in him. Howard introduces the guys and asks if he has any advice. Marty claims to not know much about patent law. His advice is to listen to them, tell then as little as possible and not to sign anything. Sheldon is perturbed and compares it to finishing an oil painting and his advice is to not sign it. Marty denies that that was what he meant and gets into an argument with Sheldon. Howard ends the call, though Leonard mentions that when he gets up on murder charges, he'll call him.

Interestingly, in The Precious Fragmentation, Howard mentions he has a cousin who is a lawyer, presumably meaning Marty.


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