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"Little Green Men and a Fella's Marriage Proposal" is the eighteenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 27, 2023.


Sheldon wants to search for life on other planets and Mandy answers Georgie's marriage proposal. Also, Missy is caught between two friends.[1]


Previously on Young Sheldon: Georgie asks Mandy to marry him.

Now in this episode, instead of answering yes or no, Mandy asks Georgie why he's asking her that. This kind of rejection annoys Georgie and he stays away from Mandy for a while.

But then little Constance needs to go to the doctor. Georgie and Mandy argue in front of the doctor. Later, in the hospital parking lot, Mandy accidentally locks herself and Georgie out of the car with little Constance in it. Georgie runs to the laundromat to get a tool with which to open the car.

Meanwhile, a discussion with Mary about an episode of Star Trek leads Sheldon to embark on a project to seek planets outside of Earth's solar system. Given how many stars there are in the universe, some of them must also have planets orbiting them, and some of those planets might have life.

President Hagemeyer agrees to let Sheldon use the radio telescope provided that he find a faculty mentor. Prof. Linkletter and Prof. Sturgis immediately reject Sheldon. Such endeavors are "for the tinfoil hat brigade", as Linkletter puts it. Several other professors turn Sheldon down as well.

Finally, Prof. Prakash agrees to help Sheldon out. Prakash and Sheldon stare at numbers on computer monitors. Then Linkletter and Sturgis join in. Sheldon admits it's a lot easier on Star Trek.

Also, Brenda's concerned when Britney, a very popular girl at school, asks Billy out on a date. Missy essentially confirms Brenda's suspicion that Britney's date request was not genuine.





  • Dhruv Uday Singh as Dr. Prakash
  • Brandee Steger as Dr. Bell


  • 23rd time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • The Star Trek episode that Sheldon watches is "A Taste of Armageddon". Sheldon's description of the episode is precise enough to distinguish it from other Star Trek episodes, but not as precise as one would expect from Sheldon. The Enterprise's travel to Eminiar VII is almost complete in the teaser, and by Act II Kirk and Spock are not only on Eminiar VII but have figured out the nature of the war with Vendikar. George Sr. has already fallen asleep by this point. To catch George and Mary up, Sheldon makes it sound like the Enterprise is still traveling to Eminiar VII.
  • In real life, in 1992, two astronomers looking for pulsars found PSR B1257+12 B, a planet more than 2,000 light years away from Earth (Pluto is roughly 280 light minutes away). PSR B1257+12 B is unlikely to have life forms like any on Earth. Reaction to the discovery at the time was mixed, some scientists reacted with skepticism or disinterest. There had also been other announcements of "exoplanets" that fell apart under closer scrutiny, thus tarnishing the reputations of exoplanet researchers in general.

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