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This is a list of minor characters in The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon[]

Season 1[]

A Brisket, Voodoo, and Cannonball Run[]

A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom[]

Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers[]

A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek[]

Season 2[]

A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens[]

Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon[]

David, Goliath, and a Yoo-hoo from the Back[]

Season 3[]

A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub[]

Season 5[]

Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench[]

Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room[]

The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin[]

Money Laundering and a Cascade of Hormones[]

An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel[]

The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin[]

A God-Fearin' Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband[]

White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People[]

A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future[]

Season 6[]

A Resident Advisor and the Word 'Sketchy'[]

College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle[]