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NASA Blueshift staff on the Big Bang Theory set

NASA Blueshift staff on the Big Bang Theory set

The following books are visible on the shelves in Leonard and Sheldon's living room.


  • College Physics Fifth Edition], Study Guide and Student Solutions Manual - Serway, Faughn and Gordon, Horcourt Press
  • Fundamentals of X-Ray and Radium Physics, 6th Edition
  • Handbook of Physics
  • Temperature Physics Low Temperature Physics
  • Perspectives of Modern Physics, Beiser
  • The Nature of Solids
  • The Particle Explosion - Oxford Press
  • The World of Physics, Weaver
  • Perspectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate Energies, ICTP
  • Electron-Molecule Collisions and Photoionization Processes, McKoy & Suzuki
  • Applied Elasticity, Wang
  • Nonlinear Methods of Spectral Analysis, Haykin
  • Nuclear Forces, Rosenfeld
  • University Physics, Young
  • Physics of Solids under High Pressure, James Schlling, Robert Shelton
  • Physics of the Atom, Wehr, Richards, Addison Wesley Press
  • Light Scattering Spectra of Solids : Proceedings of the International Conference Held at New York University, New York, September 3–6, Wright
  • New Problems in the Physics of Glass, Tarasov
  • Physics - Halliday/Resnick, 3rd edition
  • Thermal Physics, Kittel


  • Astronomical Techniques, W.A. Hiltner
  • Astronomy, Baker and Frederick
  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics] 2nd Edition, Zeilik and Smith, Saunders College Publishing
  • Proceedings of the Fifth Lunar Science Conference Volume 2 - Pergamon Press
  • Proceedings of the Second Lunar Science Conference Volume 2 - Pergamon Press
  • Proceedings of the Seventh Lunar Science Conference Volume 1 - Pergamon Press
  • Star Atlas
  • Stellar Structure
  • The Astronomer's Universe, Nortone
  • Exploring Space, William Burrows, Random House Press
  • The Classification of Stars, Jascheck
  • The Origin of the Solar System, Dermott, Wiley Press
  • The Universe, Walker
  • Cambridge Photographic Atlas of the Planets, Briggs, Taylor
  • Cosmic Ecology, Seilestad

Cosmogenesis, Layzer, Oxford Press

  • Comets, Wilkening
  • Black Holes and Relativistic Stars, Wald
  • The Anthropic Cosmological Principal, Tipler
  • Dark Side of the Earth, Robert Muir Wood
  • Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Robert Burnham


  • Experimental Physical Chemistry, Daniels, Mathews, Williams
  • Lasers as Reactants and Probes in Chemistry, Jackson and Harvey
  • What is Chemistry?
  • The magnetic resonance spectrum of dilute iron ammonium alum as a function of temperature, Belson
  • Quantum Chemistry, Gatz,
  • Cainssances et reactions, Charlotte Cole, Prentice Hall


  • Calculus
  • Mathematics, Life Science LIbrary
  • The Theory of Spinors, Cartan
  • Advanced Mathematics, An Introductory Course, Brown

Medicine and Biology[]

  • Clinical Diagnosis 14th Edition, Saunders Press
  • Genetics 4th Edition - Hartle and Jones
  • Gray's Anatomy, Gray
  • Library Health and Wellness Library, Volume 2, Southwestern Press
  • Theory & Practice of Histotechnology 2nd Edition, Sheehan and Hrapchak, Mosby
  • Literature and Language, 10 Blue Level, McDougal and Littell
  • Medicine, Year Book Medicinal Publishers
  • Pathology of the Nervous System
  • Principals of Human Anatomy
  • Veterinary Clinic, Common Neurological Problems, May 1989 18:3, Saunders
  • Pathology, Robbins
  • Opiods in Anesthsia, Estafanous
  • Microfabric of Man, Warren Andrew
  • Nuclear Medicine in Vitro, Rothfeld
  • Technology and Interpretation of Nuclear Medicine Procedures] 2nd Edition, Sodee & Early
  • The Serpent on the Staff, the unhealthy politics of the AMA, Brune
  • Color Atlas of Pathology - Lippencott
  • Fundamentals of Immunology, Weiser, Myrvik, Pearsoll
  • Pathology of the Lung, Pergamon Press
  • Clinical Electrocardiography, Grant, McGraw Hill Press
  • Cell Physiology 2nd Edition, Giese, Saunders Press
  • Diagnostic Cell Pathology in Tissue and Smears - Nieburgs

Psychology and Sociology[]

  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology - Nelson / Jurmain
  • Psychology, The Hybrid Science, McMahon
  • Sociology 2nd Edition, Macionis
  • Taming your Teen
  • Mastering Business Style] , National Institute of Business Management
  • Mastering Office Politics, National Institute of Business Management
  • Ego Psychology and Work Practices, 2nd Edition, Goldstein

Misc Technology[]

  • Instrument / Commercial Pilot Manual, Jeppeson
  • Advances in Quantum Electronics, Jay Ralph Singer
  • Applied Chaos Theory and Paradigm for Complexity, Academic Press
  • The Laser Guidebook, Hecht
  • Dawn of Massively Parallel Processing in Meteorology, Hoffmann and Marelis

Nuclear Engineering[]

  • Nuclear Models and Nuclear Matter, Rao Sridhar
  • Nuclear Fuel Management, Harvey Graves
  • Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology Volume 22, Lewins and Becker
  • Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Glastone & Sesonske, Van Mostrand press


  • A Good Life, Ben Bradlee
  • Conflict of Interest
  • A Face, Aimee Liu
  • Fallen, Ian Rankin
  • First Wives Club, Olivia Goldsmith
  • Flavor of the Month, Joel Best
  • Gentlemen of Adventure, Ernest Gann
  • Good News for a Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet, David Suzuki
  • Higher Authority, Stephen White
  • One Small Lost Sheep, Claudia Mills
  • Scarlet Pimpernel, Orczy
  • The Age of Innocence, Wharton
  • Field of Vision The Field of Vision, Wright Morris
  • Twice Shy, Dick Francis
  • Isak Dinesen, Judith Thurman
  • An American Killing, Tirone Smith
  • The Breaking of the Seals, Francis Ashton
  • Restless are the Sails, Evelyn Eaton
  • A Child's Delight, Noel Perrin
  • The Rector of Justin, Louis Auchincloss
  • Mallory's Oracle, Carol O'Connel
  • Here to Get My Baby out of Jail, Louise Shivars
  • Cold Shoulder Road, Joan Aiken
  • 2010 The Year We Make Contact, Arthur C. Clarke


  • Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science (Great Discoveries), Lawrence M. Krauss
  • A Long Row of Candles: Memoirs and Diaries, 1934–1954, Cyrus L. Sulzberger II

General Reference Misc NonFiction[]

  • 1988 Guinness World RecordsGuinness Book of World Records
  • Backyard Insects], Selsam and Goor
  • Book of Popular Science volume 6
  • Dictionary of Physics and Electronics
  • English
  • Federal Practice Digest 4th volume 40A
  • Individual Income Taxes
  • Lap Supplies ( catalog)
  • Paris Guidebook
  • Rats, Lice and History], Hans Zinsser
  • Reclaiming our Democracy], Sam Daley-Harris
  • U.S.S.R., My Country Series
  • Resolved Instruments product leaflet
  • Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics and Astronomy Richard Alfred Matzner
  • Acronyms Initialisms and Abbreviations Dictionary , Volume 2 P-Z, 1992
  • Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking Volumes 1-5 (On top of Leonard and Sheldon's fridge)
  • Newport catalog

Misc Computer Books and Software Packages[]

  • Norton Internet Security 2007, 2008
  • Norton 360
  • Norton AntiVirus 2007, 2008
  • Norton Personal Firewall 2006
  • Norton System Works 2006
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Client, Microsoft Press

Based on NASA supplied photos here, here, here, here , and here