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In "The Romance Recalibration" the Hofstadters find that they have challenges with their marriage. Leonard is no longer bringing Penny flowers and is sitting around their apartment in his underwear playing video games. Penny is not effectively communicating her concerns to Leonard. After Penny walks away to a spa weekend for some alone time, both of them reluctantly ask Sheldon to create a Relationship Agreement for them like he has with Amy. They want it tailored to their needs that does not include a bathroom schedule.

Articles of the Roommate Agreement[]

Article 8, subsection: Leonard will restrict video-gaming in underpants to hours Penny is not home. This includes boxers, briefs, thongs, G stings or anything else that calls attention to his pasty little thighs (Leonard hates the way Sheldon wrote this very much).

Article 10, subsection C: If questioned, Penny may not say that everything is fine if it isn't. Other unacceptable responses include: “It’s nothing,” “Don’t worry about that,” and “I said it’s nothing, don’t worry about that.”

Signature section: Penny initials accepting Leonard in an “as is” condition.