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Leonard Hofstadter's Bedroom[]

Leonard Hofstadter's bedroom has sandy tan colored walls, (like the rest of the apartment). Leonard's room seems to have a relaxing, calm composure, compared to his roommate Sheldon who seems to focus on schedules and work. Like the rest of the apartment the books, collectables, and posters, seem to move frequently. The bedroom seems to contain furniture that has an eye towards durability rather than value, and has a mission style, table, and lamp.

In The Veracity Elasticity, Penny was slowly removing Leonard's collectibles to make herself feel at home. Penny eventually re-decorated Leonard's room to look like a couple's roommore girly, then Leonard slowly moves Penny's items in the room into a closet.



Leonard's room is featured -

  • [ S01E09 ] - Penny helps Leonard pick out something to wear
  • [ S01E10 ] - Sheldon wakes Leonard up to talk
  • [ S02E06 ] - Sheldon seeks Leonard's help against Ramona
  • [ S02E08 ] - Leonard asks Sheldon to cover for him
  • [ S02E10 ] - Penny demonstrates that Stephanie has moved in
  • [ S03E11 ] - Beverly (mother) Hofstadter visits
  • [ S03E13 ] - Sheldon disturbs Leonard and Penny just as they're about to have sex
  • [ S03E15 ] - Sheldon makes Leonard breakfast, trying to get taken to Switzerland
  • [ S03E17 ] - Penny punch's Sheldon in the nose
  • [ S03E20 ] - Sheldon talks to Leonard
  • [ S04E02 ] - Sheldon farts, initially believing he has appendicitis
  • [ S04E06 ] - Leonard and Priya spend the night
  • [ S04E18 ] - Priya and Leonard have sex, Priya asks Leonard to cut the cord with Penny
  • [ S04E24 ] - Raj and Leonard swap places, Raj and Penny spend the night
  • [ S05E02 ] - Leonard and Priya dirty talking
  • [ S06E22 ] - Leonard slaps Sheldon
  • [ S07E03 ] - Leonard and Bernadette build a Puzzle
  • [ S08E09 ] - Sheldon pleads to Leonard not to go with surgery
  • [ S09E10 ] - Leonard and Penny are trying to sleep, but Sheldon keeps them up by playing instruments
  • [ S09E21 ] - Leonard and Penny are asleep, when Sheldon knocks and asks his "Batman, Manbat" question
  • [ S09E24 ] - Penny and Leonard prepare to go to bed, they briefly discuss their redo wedding ceremony


  • [S01E02] Wooden Nightstand
  • [S01E02] Full size Bed
  • [S01E02] Wooden Bookshelf
  • [S01E02] Lamp with square shade
  • [S01E02] Digital clock Alarm
  • [S01E09] Area Rug
  • [S01E09] Striped Bench
  • [S01E09] CD storage stand replaced by DVD player
  • [S01E09] Bruno double-arm lamp
  • [S01E09] Small sculling fan
  • [S01E09] Wooden Rolling chair
  • [S01E09] Light colored dual wing arm chair, the chair disappears in season 2
  • [S01E10] Black metallic folding table with glass topper
  • [S01E10] Wooden multi hook coat hanger, seasons 1 through 2 behind door, 3 through 8 on the door
  • [S01E10] round rattan clothing hamper
  • [S01E10] Wooden Nightstand
  • [S03E11] Wooden Slat


  • [S01E02] War of worlds poster moves to hallway
  • [S01E09] Unidentified painting of ship going into orange sunset replaces War of Worlds poster and in season 3 the ship disappears.
  • [S01E09] Unidentified Red And Brown Jelly Fish Picture
  • [S01E09] Unidentified Splattered colors, yellow blue and red
  • [S01E09] Unidentified Artwork of w symbol with an unidentified what looks like Hell boy in one photo.
  • [S01E09] Unidentified Yellow skinned female with fire abilities.
  • [S01E09] Black and White photo of bi-plane
  • [S01E09] Chicago Jazz Poster from HOT HOUSE
  • [S01E09] Janet Van Ares Andale print: Barewalls Vintage Flight III
  • [S02E08] International space station on Earth's horizon
  • [S08E08] Unidentified castle with Light replaced in season 3
  • [S02E08] Red Jelly Fish gets replaced in season 2
  • [S02E08] Framed Boxed Circuit
  • [S02E08] unidentified drawing
  • [S02E08] Unidentified drawing of female ninja
  • [S03E11] Caught Again by Eric Joyner replaces unidentified picture of ship on orange sunset
  • [S03E11] Just Another Day In LA by Eric Joyner
  • [S03E11] Defend And Protect Poster by Mike Klug replaces Black and White Photo of bi plane
  • [S03E17] Calendar
  • [S04E11] Unidentified drawing of a woman in a red blanket, replaces Unidentified drawing
  • [S04E18] Hoth Encounter by artist Chris Wahl (featuring Chewbacca)
  • [S04E18] Forbidden Planet poster above dresser
  • [S05E03] Unidentified male ninja dressed in yellow and blue suit
  • [S05E15] Black and white photo of train wheels replaces Janet Van Ares Andale poster


  • [S01E09] - Robot
  • [S01E09] - Robosapien
  • [S01E09] - DC-7 Jet with passenger cutaway
  • [S02E08] - DC Direct 13 inch Batgirl figurine (from the living room)
  • [S03E11] - Legendary Scale Burst Sideshow Collectables Aragorn
  • [S03E17] - Heroes of the Rebellion Han-Solo replaces Batgirl which moves back to the living room. (Luke Skywalker from this Set is in the living Room on top of the left end of the bookshelves behind the couch).
  • [S03E17] - Chewbacca Vinyl Model by Sideshow Collectibles
  • [S04E18] - Captain Kirk Replaces the Robot on top of dresser
  • [S04E18] - Superman Figure on top of dresser
  • [S04E18] - Bat Mobile replaces DC-7 Jet
  • [S05E15] - Jedi Toy on top of dresser
  • [S05E15] - Legendary scale burst Commander Riker from Star Trek TNG

Super Hero/Comic Collectibles[]

  • [S01E09] Bottle City of Kandor replica
  • [S02E10] Bat signal
  • [S02E10] Superman Volume 2, #81
  • [S02E10] Justice League Volume 2, #82
  • [S03E11] JLA Classified # 34


[S03E11] Galaxy Challenge wooden brain teaser / puzzle on top of bookcase

Queen Marry Souvenirs Mug,T-shirt, Hat, and snow globe, mug is thrown at the door by Leonard, destroying the mug, but the mug is seen again in season 4

Armillary Sphere


TV/with remotes and DVD player

3-D Glasses

Glasses case

Leonard's Glasses/ and Watch

Family photos[]

Leonard's Dog Mitzy

Leonard's Grandmother

Best Fiancé Ever Picture

Leonard and Penny Prom do over picture