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"Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha" is the eighth episode in season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on December 8, 2022.


Sheldon's database invention puts him at odds with the university. Also, the church takes issue with Meemaw's video store.[1]

Extended plot[]

President Hagemeyer wants to monetize the entire system that Sheldon wants to construct for the university. In a meeting in her office, she and Sheldon, and his parents discuss over a contract that the university owns 90% and Sheldon owns 10%. She attempts to win George and Sheldon over through offering them their favorite drinks being beer and Yoohoo respectively, but his parents decide to get their own lawyer so that Sheldon gets more profit.

Georgie is pleased with the casino's profits, much to Meemaw's delight. He goes out to the Video Store and Mandy knows what to do.

A woman named Mrs. Howard comes in and returns a DVD copy of Basic Instinct. She reveals her consternation that the store carries movies such as those films because her husband watched it and had hinted at a vagina. To her disapproval, she is shocked that the store has tons of “sinful” films with sexual content, and tries to question Mandy as to why would she do that while having a baby on the way. She leaves after stating she no longer is a customer. President Hagemeyer talks to Ken, the university lawyer when Grant Linkletter comes in; he wants to get a portion of the profits from the system. Word reaches back to Pastor Jeff and he visits Meemaw. He slyly tells her that his congregation to not do so. Meemaw tells him to leave and closes the door.

Mary and George go talk to a lawyer named Leslie Gance, who is a slip and fall lawyer. They want him to write a contract so that Sheldon gets more than 10% of the earnings.

At the video store, Jeff is sitting with a table getting people to sign a petition with Mrs. Howard and another woman. Mandy fails to talk them out of staying, but Meemaw uses a fire extinguisher in order to get them all to leave. Later that night, Meemaw comes by Jeff's house to rip a video.

At the library, Linkletter tries to convince Sheldon to do something. Hagemeyer convinces him to convince the contract by putting his name on a building. It would be Sheldon Cooper's Science Center.

At Linkletter's office, he gives a copy of Richard Feynman's restraining order; he points out the signature on the paper, and gives it to Sheldon as a gift to Sheldon. Sheldon keeps a note of the process for future use. Linkletter and Sheldon make a deal, saying Sheldon is either a scientist or a pawn of the administration. Sheldon agrees.

At the store, Meemaw is on the phone and says to order more videos of several movies, including Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, and the Last Temptation of Christ. Meemaw tells Georgie that the will stick it to Pastor Jeff. Suddenly, Kimberly walks in and asks them for information, using spiderweb links to each other. Now, the amount is totally under 200, and to a minimum that had to be changed. Now everything is squeaky clean, and relevant again. At the dinner table that night, George tells Sheldon that a lawyer wants to talk to Sheldon about the invention. Mary convinces Sheldon to talk to him as an attempt at investing towards his future. It is revealed that she had put extra hot dogs in the food, in a cue to Hagemeyer's act earlier.

At the university, a meeting is being held so Sheldon can sign the contract. Sheldon is increasingly frustrated that everyone wants him on their side and is using him without a care for his best interests, while he simply wants to build a database. He decides to go back to his dorm room and do things his own way; by having hiring private investors. Back at Video Village, a costumer asks if they have Die Hard; Meemaw says no, as it had the word “Yippie Kai Yay”. Mandy tells Meemaw that the movie, The Singing Nun was rented by Pastor Jeff. Realizing the computer has a catalogue of all rentals. Looking into the database, they see his wife and everyone else who had rented videos.

Meemaw goes to the church, and drops off a video of Dirty Dancing. She reveals that his wife, Robin had rented the movie five times and Fatal Attraction six times. Jeff realizes he's being blackmailed by Meemaw; if Jeff continued on with his public petition, then she would reveal to the public about the movie rentals by his wife and the church elders. He begs her with, “Connie, please”. Adult Sheldon provides a voice over of hearing a man beg.





  • Linkletter has Richard Feynman's autograph because of an order restraining Linkletter from having contact with Feynman. Young Sheldon doesn't have any restraining orders against him, but old Sheldon will (see the Big Bang episode "The Excelsior Acquisition").
    • In real life, restraining orders are usually signed by a judicial officer and a court clerk (see for example California's CH-110 form), not the protected person. The restrained person does not get a copy of the form requesting the restraining order (e.g., California's CH-100).



  • Georgie has seen Basic Instinct three times.
  • Pastor Jeff's wife has seen Dirty Dancing five times and Fatal Attraction six times.