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Lance Barber is an American actor. He had portrayed Jimmy Speckerman in The Big Bang Theory and George Cooper Sr. in Young Sheldon from 2017 to 2024.

Barber was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan - Cereal City, USA. He caught the acting bug after his high school performance as Jethro in a stage version of The Beverly Hillbillies. He soon went on to The Barn Theater - a summer stock company where he was blessed to work with Tom Wopat.

Chicago was the next stop. There he studied improvisation at the Second City and Improv Olympic and was hired as a member of the Second City National Touring Company.

He made several appearances at the Chicago Comedy Festival and is a founding member of the improv troupe The G.O.C.

His television credits include MTV's Faking the Video and the WB's On the Spot and guest appearances on ER, Gilmore Girls, Yes, Dear, Come to Papa, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, What I Like About You and Californication.

On the big screen, Lance has leading roles in the independent features Bad Meat and The Godfather of Greenbay and the short film The Confetti Bros.

The Big Bang Theory[]

Lance Barber made an appearance as Jimmy Speckerman in The Speckerman Recurrence.

Young Sheldon[]

Lance Barber is a part of the series' main cast, portraying George Cooper Sr..

Barber was interviewed as part of a cast group interview with the Television Critics Association in the week of Feb 12, 2023. He was asked about his character's longevity, and he had hoped and crossed his fingers that he would make it to the finale. Barber does, in fact, appear in the first half of the hour-long finale and also made a cameo appearance as "Georgina" during George's funeral.



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