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M.O.N.T.E. faces off against the Kripke Krippler.

The Kripke Krippler, known as the Kwipke Kwippwuh by its creator, Barry Kripke, is a remote-controlled fighting robot that Kripke built for entry into the Southern California Robot Fighting League Round-Robin Invitational. fought and won against M.O.N.T.E., the robot built by Howard Wolowitz. It has destroyed a Chevrolet Cavalier, as Kripke mentions in an off-screen video in the episode.

The Kripke Krippler engages and eventually destroys M.O.N.T.E. while under Sheldon's control in an unofficial "street fight". The KK is armed with several different weapons, including a blowtorch-like flamethrower, a horizontal Spinning Bar at the front that can rotate at 3400rpm and "cut thwough stee-w wike it was wubber!", spiked rollbars across its chassis, and on the back, a pneumatic-driven arm lined with saw blades and a wide hammer with spikes.

After the gang build their own robot, M.O.N.T.E., aka Mobile Omnidirectional Neutralization & Termination Eradicator. Barry taunts them into a fight before the Round-Robin because there was no guarantee they would actually be able to fight each other during the competition. The fight was very one-sided and M.O.N.T.E. lost.

It's only seen in "The Killer Robot Instability" and is never mentioned again.