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Keith is a character in Young Sheldon. He was a student at East Texas Tech in the 1990s. He was a student of a class taught by John Sturgis. One day, he decides to assign group homework. He gets assigned with Sheldon Cooper and Sam. He is a bit skeptical because he did not want to work with a kid. He and Sam wanted to finis the assignment that night buthe has to go bath and sleep directly afterwards; to deal with this, he offers to meetup at his dorm the next night to finish it. Mary cooper comes in and talks to them, and invites to work at home. She arrives there with Keith ready to work on it. They work on it but are at an impasse as Keith doesn't totally understand while she says it makes sense.

Keith sees George shouting at the TV as he watches a football game from Texas A&M university. Keith insists scientists can like sports. in George's experience.

Keith tells George that somebody's got to be in charge, but when you step up and do it everyone gets upset. George asks if his problem is that a woman's mad at him and Sheldon thinks he's dumb? “Welcome to my world”, says George. George tells Keith that he should stop complaining as this is as good as it gets. He's young, smart, and not tied down so he should finish the project and enjoy his time. Keith, Sam, and Sheldon finish in four minutes.


  • Keith is similar to Leonard Hofstadter when he goes to college and put up with his antics.