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Joy is a friend of Bernadette's who served as Leonard's date on a double date with Bernadette and Howard.

Character Information[]

In "The Desperation Emanation", Leonard is starting to get lonely and Raj suggested to invoke his pact with Howard. He is also getting tired of everyone's pity on his single status. Finally, Leonard invokes the "Girlfriend Pact" with Howard. On the double date, Joy arrives late and announces that she was at spin class. Joy and Bernadette know each other as they both attend Israeli Krav Maga which allegedly includes various ways to "rip a guy's nuts off". She showed up for dinner in her sweaty exercise clothes, is very loud, obnoxious, crude incredibly self-absorbed and lazy.

Nearing the end of the date, Leonard says to Howard that this night is the worst date of his life.

Joy was a very crass, selfish, brassy and mannish woman, but when she hinted that accompanying her to a wedding would result in coitus, Leonard jumped at the opportunity.


Joy on a date with Leonard.


Joy kidding around with Leonard.