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Jimmy Speckerman is a character in The Big Bang Theory. Jimmy was one of the people (other than his sister) who bullied Leonard in high school.

He is portrayed by Lance Barber, who would later go on to portray George Cooper Sr. in "Young Sheldon".


Jimmy congratulating Leonard

Jimmy congratulates Leonard.

In the episode, Jimmy contacts Leonard through Facebook, telling him he wants to meet for a drink. Leonard struggles to decide whether to meet him, but decides to do it, and "say all the things he wanted to say in high school".

At the bar, Jimmy greets Leonard like an old friend, much to his surprise. He then gleefully recounts their high school days, completely oblivious to the discomfort he is causing Leonard. After ordering a beer, Jimmy proceeds to ask Leonard for help designing glasses that show non-3D movies in 3D, mentioning that he needed help from "the smartest person" he could think of, which is Leonard.

Sheldon stands up for Leonard and tells Jimmy he should apologize for all the heinous acts he committed against Leonard as a teenager. They show him a list of all that he did to Leonard. Jimmy says that he thought they were only having fun, Leonard counters that it wasn't fun for him, and they leave.

A drunk Jimmy later shows up at Leonard's apartment with the list, and starts to apologize for all the things he did to him in the past. Leonard, not wantiang him to drive home drunk, takes him in for the night.

Jimmy on the couch

Jimmy on the couch.

The next morning, Jimmy wakes up with no recollection of apologizing to Leonard. When he is reminded of it, he chides Leonard for having held a grudge and yet again calls him "Nancy," making it obvious that he only apologized because he was drunk, and he doesn't remember doing so. Taking a stand, Leonard tells Jimmy to get out and actually shoves against him, not doing any damage. The guys are then seen running down The Stairs to evade a very angry Jimmy.


  • Some of the things that Jimmy did to Leonard: stapling his scrotum; calling him "Nancy" for 3 years; throwing him naked in the girls' locker room; stuffing a parrot into his pants; supergluing Hershey's Kisses to Leonard's nipples; stuffing him into lockers; trash cans and a backpack; flossing Leonard's teeth with his own shoelaces; and doing something with a laxative at their junior prom.
  • His sister made Leonard eat his own arm hair.



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