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James Joseph "Jim" Parsons (born March 24, 1973, Houston, Texas) is an American television and film actor best known for playing the super genius Sheldon Cooper on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, with his performance often cited as the main reason for the program's success. Parsons has won four Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Television Critics Association Award for his portrayal of Sheldon. Jim now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 


His parents are Milton Joseph "Mickey/Jack" Parsons Jr. (February 6, 1949 – April 29, 2001) and teacher Judy Ann (née McKnight). His sister Julie Ann Parsons is also a teacher. On April 29, 2001, Parsons's father died in a car crash.


Jim Parsons has an undergraduate degree in theater from the School of Theater and Dance at the University of Houston where he was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He later earned a master's degree from the University of San Diego while performing at the Old Globe Theater. Jim has had his 44th birthday.


Sheldon Cooper Profile

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Lee Cooper.

T he Barbarian Sublimation 12

Jim as Sheldon in a scene where Penny orders him to get her an enchanted sword.

Parsons' television credits include a recurring role in the series Judging Amy and a guest appearance in Ed.

He was part of the main cast in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory and was nominated for an 61st Emmy Award in 2009. He was also nominated for a 62nd Emmy Award and ended up winning it the following year.


Jim gets his Hollywood Blvd star.

His feature film credits include Garden State, Heights, On the Road with Judas, Gardener of Eden, 10 Items or Less , School for Scoundrels and The King's Inn. While at the University of Houston, he helped found the not-for-profit theater company, Infernal Bridegroom Productions, acting in productions of Endgame, Guys and Dolls and The Balcony.


First television credit "ED", 2002.

He was the commencement speaker for the University of San Diego's College of Arts and Sciences class of 2009.

Parsons won the outstanding lead actor in a comedy series at the 2010 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards and repeated the same achievement the following year winning his second Emmy under the same category during the 2011 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards, beating other nominees including his Big Bang co-star Johnny Galecki (who plays Leonard). Parsons won the 2013 and 2014 Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a comedy. In 2015, Parsons was given a star on Hollywood Blvd.

It was Parsons's decision to not renew his TBBT contract for the thirteenth season that ended the series. He felt the show had nothing left in ideas.

After leaving TBBT, Parsons remain in prequel series Young Sheldon and later appeared in miniseries Hollywood and continued to be executive producer on Special and Call Me Kat (with co-star Mayim Bialik)

He and Mayim reprised their respective The Big Bang Theory roles in the Season 7 finale of Young Sheldon, titled "Memoir", which aired on May 16, 2024.[1]


Parsons and Spiewak

In an interview with the Today show on March 29, 2024, he said “Big Bang Theory was always a live-audience show and Young Sheldon is a single-camera show, and I got to do it with Mayim — we both played Sheldon and Amy from the series — and to do it in that situation, it was just different enough that it wasn’t creepy, Like going like, ‘What are we doing here again?!’ Instead, it was really sweet. It felt like the nicest little coda to the whole experience, and I was very grateful that they asked us to do it.”[2]

Personal life[]

He currently lives in Los Angeles. His hobbies include baseball, and basketball. Parsons is gay and in May 2012, he revealed that he has been in a relationship with his partner Todd Spiewak for a near decade. Parsons discovered that he had French roots in the series Who Do You Think You Are, and that some of his ancestors were architects. After 14 years of being together, Parsons and Spiewak married in May 2017.



Jim with Steve Martin and President Obama.

  • Parsons uses index cards on set before filming to better his understanding of the situation he is acting out.
  • He voiced Oh in DreamWorks' Home.
  • He is very close friends with his co-star Mayim Bialik
  • He enjoys acting in theater and often does so in between seasons of The Big Bang Theory.
  • He is good friends with all the Big Bang Theory cast.
  • He is in the Nissan Micra, Quiznos and Intel® RealSense™ Technology commercials.
  • His 2015-2017 contract was worth a total of at least $90 million.
  • He made a special guest appearance on iCarly where he played a character named Caleb who has similarities to Sheldon.
  • He also portrayed Elwood in Harvey.
  • Parsons was around the same age of the high school students Sheldon went to school with.


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