Jeanie is the second cousin of Howard Wolowitz. She was only mentioned one time in "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency", when he was stoned by marijuana cookies when he, Raj and Leonard went to observe the meteor shower. He mentioned that he lost his virginity to Jeanie after his Uncle Murray Wolowitz's funeral. In another episode, he also said it was in a Toyota Corolla. The details of the incident are unknown, but he said that "their eyes locked over the pickled herring" and that it happened in his Aunt Barbara's house. This resulted in Howard having sex with her, and ever since, then he could never look at another pickled herring without being aroused and ashamed. In "The Prom Equivalency", Stuart took her to their prom dance as his date both humiliating Howard and dragging up his past in front of everyone.

"The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" Dialogue

Howard: I lost my virginity to my cousin Jeanie.

Raj: I would be kind to my rabbit subjects. At first.

Leonard: You know what’s a cool name? Angelo. That has angel and jell-o in it.

Howard: It was my Uncle Murray’s funeral. We were all back at my Aunt Barbara’s house. Our eyes locked over the pickled herring. We never meant for it to happen.

Raj: One day, I hold a great ball for the President of France, but the rabbits, they hate me and don’t come. I am embarrassed, so I eat all the lettuce in the world and make them watch.

Leonard: People could call me Angie. Yo, Angie, how’s it goin’?

Howard: To this day, I can’t look at pickled herring without being aroused and ashamed. Oh, cousin Jeanie.