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James Gilford, also known as "Mr. Gilford" was a lieutenant and a member of the church congregation.


After Mary Cooper walks into Mr. Gilford's cluttered house to deliver his food, she explains Pastor Jeff is out sick. Mary wants to chat while he eats, but he doesn't think there's anything to chat about. When Mary asks if there's anything she can do for him, he suggests a sponge bath and claims Pastor Jeff does that for him. Mary doesn't buy that.

Mary tries to clean up the food and the clutter but he says not to touch anything as he likes things the way they are. When Mary asks if she can make room to sit, he's surprised she's staying. When he wonders if she's just trying to look like a good samaritan, Mary quotes scripture at him. Mr. Gilford doesn't want to hear it from “some woman” as women don't preach in their church.

When Mary goes to Mr. Gilford's house, there's no response. She goes inside and finds him dead in his chair. Later, the paramedic comes over to say sorry and tell Mary that the coroner's on the way. When the paramedic notices the mess, Mary says that's how he liked it.

In church, Pastor Jeff says that before he finishes Mary Cooper is going to come up to say a few words. Mary talks about the death of a member of their congregation, James Gilford, a war hero. After telling them about his history, she invites them to join her celebrating in his life at the American Legion on Wednesday. When Mary asks for help cleaning up his house, Elliot volunteers himself and his wife.


  • Meredith Gilford (wife; deceased)


  • Mr. Gilford and his wife Meredith had been married for over 45 years.
  • Mr. Gilford preferred the quiet life after everything he had been through during the war.
  • He always preferred to keep his house messy.
  • He has been referred to as a war hero.
  • He had never wanted to talk about the war.


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