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Jake Rutledge is a police officer who serves in the Medford Police Department in Young Sheldon. He met with Dale Ballard at Nate's Roadhouse, where Dale asked whether Meemaw is allowed to run an illegal casino in the back of Medford Wash. He says the police looks the other way because such operations were harmless. Later on, he has the police department shut down the casino and wrap police tape around it. He reveals to Meemaw that he is running for sheriff and would use it to bolster his campaign. However, since he is a friend of Dale, he would not arrest her. (Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room)

Later on, he caught wind of Meemaw operating the casino. He comes in and conducts a shakedown. He suggest she pay 10% of her earnings unless he can arrest her for running it. Meemaw agrees to pay him in quarters out of spite. (Money Laundering and a Cascade of Hormones)

After Meemaw bought Video Village, Jake came and congratulated Georgie on his expanding business empire. Then Meemaw came into the room and Jake said they need to renegotiate their arrangement. (An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football)

Jake Rutledge
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