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Italian is the official language of Italy. Latin was used under the old Roman Empire based in Italy.


The Italian boot.

Appearances in The Big Bang Theory[]

  • In "The Toast Derivation" (S4E17), Sheldon tries to order pizza with Italian through phone, only to find the man at pizza house cannot understand him at all.
-Sheldon: (to the phone) Buona sera, Luigi's Pizza. (Pause) Buona sera. (Pause) It means "good evening" in Italian. May I say, having to explain that to you calls into question the authenticity of your ristorante?
-Leonard: Okay, I'm out of here. 
-Sheldon: (to the phone) Un momento. Oh, for heaven's sake, Now you're being deliberately stupid.

Here "ristorante'" is the Italian word for "restaurant", and "Un momento" is for "one moment".