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IKEA store.

IKEA is a Swedish company specializing in the production and sale of furniture. Their use of 'flat-pack' furniture, which requires the consumer to build the furniture themselves, and large out-of-town warehouse-styled stores have made them a cheap and popular place to buy furniture across the world.

Relevance to the show[]

In "The Big Bran Hypothesis", the flat-pack entertainment center which caused Sheldon and Leonard so much trouble getting up the stairs was, according to Penny, a "cheap Swedish media center", which almost certainly means that it came from IKEA (Bill Prady referred to the media center as being from IKEA in an interview, actually).


  • Just for the record, IKEA delivery people do bring the boxes up to your apartment, even if it's on the fourth floor.
  • The closest IKEA store to Pasadena is at 600 N San Fernando Blvd, in Burbank.
  • Penny's apartment 4B has been described as an IKEA explosion.