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Hubert Givens is a high school science teacher in the series spinoff Young Sheldon.

Of all the teachers at Medford High School, he seems to have the most disdain for Sheldon Cooper. He was mentioned in Sheldon Cooper's draft Nobel acceptance speech in The Stockholm Syndrome, though his name was not present in the actual given speech. Similar to other teachers and the Principal, he wants Sheldon out of his school and complains about his accusations and misunderstands him.

He is introduced in Pilot (Young Sheldon) at the start of the new school year, and is shocked at Sheldon's attitude. He later tells Petersen, who tells him to deal with it. Two years later, he became Headmaster.

Later on, he is told that Sheldon is going to private school, to his delight. He is later drinking alcohol with two other teachers at 11AM in the teacher's lounge.

Hubert Givens is teaching class the next day. Sheldon decides to be disrespectful by saying “who cares?” Givens tells Sheldon to take his feet of the desk but is rebuffed; he sends Sheldon to the principal Petersen's office. He later overhears Sheldon's use of the intercom. (Killer Asteroids, Oklahoma, and a Frizzy Hair Machine)

He taught psychology and was not thrilled when Sheldon took his class. He says with Thanksgiving approaching, it’s a perfect opportunity to study family dynamics, some assignment that excites Sheldon. (Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero)

Givens is a fan of the 1965-1968 science fiction TV series "Lost in Space." While Sheldon sneaks off on a bus trip to a Comicon, Givens arrives on the bus dressed like Dr. Zachary Smith, with a dead-on imitation of Jonathan Harris' character. (A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance)

Givens plays poker with the guys in George's home, he doesn't know much about poker, Billy sits with them and gets excited about his cards at the wrong time when Billy says that he doesn't spend much time with his father. (A Virus, Heartbreak and a World of Possibilities)

Givens is surprised to see Sheldon, Sheldon reveals that he's going to CalTech and when Givens tries to say good luck to him, Sheldon denies it as he doesn't believe in it, Givens says good luck to Sheldon in a "Sheldon-y" way. (A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture)

Hubert Givens attended George Sr.'s funeral. He was in line when he met Brenda Sparks and told her that he taught science to Sheldon. He was told “I'm sorry" and said thanks. Spontaneously, he said he's single. (Funeral)



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