We get our first glimpse of Howard Wolowitz's bedroom in "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" when Leonard calls with the warning that Sheldon is sick. In "The Bad Fish Paradigm" Sheldon sleeps over and drives Howard crazy counting Catwomen and X-Men. Sheldon is disturbed by a Halle Berry poster on the ceiling over Howard's bed. 

When Penny lambasts Howard as a loser in "The Killer Robot Instability" Howard retreats to his room and Penny visits to apologize, but ends up punching Howard in the face when he tries to kiss her. In "The Cushion Saturation", Howard and Leslie Winkle sleep together. In [S03E10] "The Gorilla Experiment", Howard and Bernadette try to make out. In the opener for season four, Howard's robotic arm gives him a little more than a massage.

In "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" Howard Wolowitz's Bedroom is shown reassembled even though it was shown completely packed up and moved to Bernadette's apartment in a previous episode.

Howard Wolowitz's bedroom is later used by Stuart after he moved in with Mrs. Wolowitz. Stuart continued to use it until he left, as when Howard and Bernadette took over the house, they moved into the master bedroom.

This bedroom is now in use as the nursery for Howard and Bernadette's two kids, Halley and Neil.

In "The Romance Recalibration" Howard tried to find a path through the creaky floor boards to not disturb Halley preparing an over-complicated routes requiring long steps and climbing over furniture. Bernadette rejected it. He also hoped that never has sex in the same room he did.

The room's former appearance returns in the season 2 finale of Young Sheldon, where Howard (as a kid) was shown playing a video game at night until his mother tells him to turn it off and go to sleep.


  • [S01E11] multiple metal storage racks: Pinacoteca
  • [S01E11] large leopard print rug
  • [S01E11] black chest of 3 drawers with silver handles
  • [S01E11] brown wood nightstand with 2 drawers
  • [S01E11] tall, thin metal filing drawers
  • [S01E11] queen sized bed with arching black headboard
  • [S01E11] black silk sheets
  • [S01E11] red quilted bed spread
  • [S01E11] large leopard print pillow
  • [S01E11] 2 shelf metal cart at foot of bed
  • [S01E11] wooden media holder with 3 shelves
  • [S01E11] metal storage shelves at foot of bed
  • [S01E11] UFO lamp to left of bed
  • [S01E11] other lamps: RC Vintage and Modern Props
  • [S01E11] Sconces: Lowes
  • [S01E11] Howard's desk


  • Wonderwomanposter-howard by alex ross

    Wonder Woman poster

    [S01E11] poster on back of the door 
  • [S01E11] Marilyn Monroe art piece behind the door
  • [S01E11] Photo of red lightning at night (same as on Sheldon's wall)
  • Wonder Woman poster by Alex Ross


  • [S01E11] Rock Band 3 video game instruments (guitars and drums)
  • [S01E11] City of Villains game (on the bookshelf)
  • [S01E11] paintball helmet at the foot of the bed
  • [S01E11] multiple video game systems and controllers
  • [S02E12] Lineage II posters, one on the back of the door, one on the far right wall
  • On a shelf in Howard's room, there is a replica model of the 211-V Plasma Cutter used by Isaac Clarke in the first Dead Space game.

Sci-Fi Related


Robot clock

  • [S01E11] robot figure on top of the dresser, left of the door
  • [S01E11] lava lamp on metal shelves behind the door
  • [S01E11] two lightsabers above the bed
  • [S01E11] Robbie the Robot statue by Round2 , on right night stand
  • [S01E11] rocket lava lamp on right night stand
  • [S01E11] robot figure on top of the media shelves
  • [S01E11] multiple ray guns on the wall
  • [S03E10] Robot clock to the right of the bed


Figurines and Statues

S02e16 batgirl



Darth Talon

S02e12 wwbust

Wonder Woman


  • S02e12 superman83
    [S01E11] hand weights
  • [S05E21] Biological Fluid, as Howard advises Sheldon not to use a black light around the room
  • [S02E12] Superman #83, "On the Edge", November 1993 issue - gets thrown on the floor
  • [S02E12] Superman #70, " Raising the Stakes", August 1992 issue - gets thrown on the floor
  • [S02E12] Action Comics #685, "Re: Actions", January 1993 issue - gets thrown on the floor
    • Howard owns an Alienware computer.
    • Howard has a Dell XPS M1210 with a 6 Cell Battery.
    • Howard owns a Motorola V3, Nokia N95 and various iPhone cell phones.
    • Howard has two Luke Skywalker FX light sabers displayed on the wall of his bedroom, which he can ignite by remote to set the mood. In the flashback of Howard's room in 2003, he had two plastic toy blue light sabers on the wall, likely replaced later on with the FX sabers.


  • On the set - wide view
  • S01E11 - the call comes in: Code Milky Green
  • S01E11 - Howard gets the news
  • S01E11 - this is Howard's mother...
  • S01E11 - why are you calling at this ungodly hour?
  • S02E11 - Howard helps Leonard with a plan to avoid Sheldon
  • S01E11 - the ruse is in place
  • S02E01 - Sheldon is rotten company
  • S02E01 - Sheldon sleeps over
  • S02E01 - close up, figurines
  • New in S02E01: Ami-Comi Power Girl statueGo to DC Direct Ami-Comi Power Girl statue
  • DC Direct Ami-Comi Heroine Series: CheetahGo to DC Direct Ami-Comi Series: Cheetah
  • New in S02E01: Ame-Comi: Batgirl PVC StatueGo to Ame-Comi: Batgirl PVC Statue
  • DC Direct Ami-Comi Wonder Woman statueGo to DC Direct Ami-Comi Wonder Woman statue
  • S02E12 - Howard's room wide shot
  • S02E12 - Howard in bed
  • S02E12 - Howard's Superman comic
  • S02E12 - Howard at the desk
  • S02E12 - Penny in front of shelves
  • S02E12 - Howard's desk
  • S02E12 - Penny on right side of room
  • S02E12 Howard's room, view of the doorway
  • S02E12 - right side of room
  • S02E12 - Howard and Penny sitting on the bed
  • S02E16 - sleeping with Leslie Winkle
  • Howard's Wonder Woman poster
  • Superman #70
  • In Howard's old bedroom.-2010
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