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Gorn sitting in Sheldon's spot.

Gorns are a fictional species from the Star Trek universe. They appear as a recurring theme in Sheldon's guilt-ridden dreams.

Gorn are a cold-blooded, reptilian species with green, rubbery skin, red blood and an average height of approximately two meters. They tend to be many times stronger than most humanoids, albeit slower and less agile but with greater stamina and, like most cold-blooded species, prefer warmer temperatures. Some humans have an instinctive revulsion to the Gorn, as they are a type of reptile, and may think them primitive or unintelligent. One of this species was forced to fight Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Tek series.


In "The Apology Insufficiency", Sheldon mentions the Mars rover incident to the investigating FBI agent and ruins Howard's chance to receive government security clearance. He has a guilt-ridden dream later where a Gorn sits in his spot.

In "The Transporter Malfunction", Sheldon breaks his own toy Star Trek transporter and switches it with Leonard's. Again, he has a guilt-ridden dream. After he refuses to listen to his Spock action figure, he is attacked by a Gorn.

Sheldon and Gorn

Gorn in Sheldon's Dream in "The Transporter Malfunction".