"Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 19, 2018.


When Sheldon is no longer academically challenged at Medford High, he audits a college class taught by Dr. John Sturgis.[1]

Extended Plot

Meemaw drives Sheldon to a nearby college so that he can audit a weekly class on quantum chromodynamics. The professor, Dr. John Sturgis, asks Meemaw out on a date. She has a nice time, but finds that he is like an older version of Sheldon. The following week, she has to leave the class because her presence is too distracting for Sturgis. Meanwhile, Missy gets Georgie to help her with her homework. Stimulated by Sheldon's example, they actually make some progress.



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