The students listening to Bernadette and Amy.

From "The Contractual Obligation Implementation" episode, the guys went back to Howard's old middle school to talk to female students and get them interested in the sciences. They did it due to their employment contract and were not very successful until Sheldon decided to contact Amy and Bernadette (who are female scientists themselves) for help.

Piper Mackenzie Harris as Girl #1

Diamond White as Girl #2

Seaonna Chanadet as Girl #3 (Eye rolling girl)


In a room full of middle school girls, Leonard asks them, "Who's ready for some sci-ence??" He introduces everyone and tells the girls that they are going to learn how cool science can be--as cool as -273 degrees, which is the temperature that entropy reaches its minimum value absolute zero. Leonard says they all learned something and it was fun too...except there is no reaction from the students. Sheldon is next and he calls them "female children" and tells them they are about to be inspired by the story of female scientist Madame Curie who died from radiation poisoning due to her discovery and work with radium. With a little hard work, Sheldon tells them, the same thing can happen to any of them. Sheldon then asks Leonard if they are done and can they go. Howard tells them that they too can go into outer space. One student wants to know if he went to the moon. Howard says no but he has been to the International Space Station. Then she asks if he flew the rocket, and Howard admits that he just rode inside the rocket. Finally, she says that he's like her uncle that flies around as a flight attendant. Howard snaps back that her uncle just serves passengers nuts while he is an "American hero". Leonard now takes over and explains that he is an experimental physicist. He tests theories and gets to work with lasers. A student wants to know how he decided to become a scientist. Leonard mentions that both his parents were scientists and that they pushed him. He really wanted to be a rap star like Snoop Dogg, but with more respect for the police, which gets a laugh from the students. Then he raps a couple of lines, but the students look at him funny. Then Leonard rants on about having to learn to play the cello when he was younger. Sheldon speaks up that he doesn't know if they have ever been discouraged from science careers but he knows they have been discouraged today. The students applaud his comments. Sheldon tells them that it might be better if they hear something from two actual female scientists, Bernadette and Amy. Sheldon thanks them for taking time out of their busy schedule even though they are at Disneyland dressed as Disney princesses. Bernadette is Cinderella, Penny is Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty", and Amy is Snow White. They tell the students that the world needs more women scientists though as they grow up the world is more focused on how they look instead of the power of their minds. Amy at this moment touches up her lipstick. Bernadette says that they can be anything they want.