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Gino the Neutrino is a Muppet-like puppet who personifies a neutrino, an elementary particle, on Arthur Jeffries's children's science show, "Professor Proton."


Gino the Neutrino

The Puppet[]

Professor Proton's beloved puppet sidekick Gino the Neutrino has blue skin, an Italian accent, a moustache, and a Venetian gondolier's outfit under his lab coat. He is only ever seen in "The Proton Resurgence". Sheldon found Professor Proton online and Leonard and Sheldon decide to hire him for a show for the two of them, although Penny sits in with them. When he arrives, Sheldon asked him if he had his puppet with them but Arthur says that he hated the puppet. Sheldon pulls out his Gino puppet and asks, "How could anyone hate [Puts on an Italian accent] Gino the Neutrino?" adding that he bought iton eBay for $20, including shipping. When asked why he hates the puppet, Dr. Jeffries reveals that the man who controlled the puppet had sex with his wife.