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"German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat" is the twentieth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 11, 2023.


The gambling room gets broken into and Sheldon wants to study abroad. Also, Missy makes a new friend.[1]


Previously on Young Sheldon: Prof. Sturgis tells Sheldon about an opportunity to study abroad and Germany, and Prof. Linkletter promises to help Sheldon pack.

In this episode, Sheldon despairs that he will not be able to go to Germany after George and Mary talk to Sturgis. The mentor explains that he will remain at the university and not accompany the boy genius to Germany, and the university East Texas Tech had refused to pay any travel costs.

Learning of this setback, and wanting to be rid of Sheldon for the summer or perhaps longer, Missy prods her brother to figure out some way to make the trip happen.

Meanwhile, Meemaw and Georgie deal with a theft at the gambling room. They had shown up at the gambling room, with Wade entering the rear open door. Police officer Jake Rutledge is not helpful and expect more money, and Meemaw retorts she has been paying for protection against the business being shut down, not protection against anything else. Armed with a baseball bat, Dale tries to provide security and investigate the crime, but does not do a very good job of either when asking random people.

At the video store, Missy meets Tonya, niece of Pastor Jeff, and rents her the film Point Break, an R-rated movie starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, in a Bambi box. The two of them watch it in the garage that is Georgie's bedroom.

That night, Missy sneaks out with her new friend to smoke cigarettes. Dale and Georgie see the two girls and mistake them for criminals, causing the girls to run off, and the men to think they have averted another robbery.

The next day, Sheldon hosts a yard sale hoping to raise money to go to Germany, but fails to sell anything. At that garage sale, Pastor Jeff confronts Mary and Missy for renting his niece the R-rated movie, but is apparently unaware of the smoking and sneaking around at night. Missy blames a random video store customer and promises to check all returned videos more thoroughly in the future.

At the Cooper residence, Linkletter shows up to give Sheldon cash for his study abroad; he gave a week of his paycheck and had passed around an envelope and people eagerly gave them money. Pastor Jeff comes by and also gives Sheldon money for the trip, where the congregation charitably gave money.





  • Bill Fagerbakke as Officer Jake
  • Grady Lee Richmond as Wade
  • Sofia Rosinsky as Tonya
  • Patrick Cox as Marty


  • Jeff Pride as Bob
  • Jeremy Guskin as Andy


  • The 24th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • In this episode, Missy describes Georgie as being like Patrick Swayze, but dumber. In "A Docent, A Little Lady and a Bouncer Named Dalton", George Sr. pointed out to Mary that Georgie kind of looks like Patrick Swayze.
  • Dr Linkletter and Pastor Jeff raised a lot of money, mostly Sheldon does not know this everybody wants Sheldon out of their hair and away from him for the summer. Even especially Missy.

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