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The funeral of George Cooper Sr. took place in the penultimate episode "Funeral" of Young Sheldon.

The Ceremony[]

At the church, a memorial service for George Cooper Sr. is held with photographs shown. Numerous people show up. Some guests include, Mandy's parents Jim and Audrey McAllister, Drs. John Sturgis and Grant Linkletter, neighbors Brenda Sparks and Billy Sparks, and Hubert Givens. Hubert and Brenda chat with each other and reveal they are single. Missy is told she can have a moment with George Sr. before they close the casket. George Jr. is told the same thing. Sheldon declines when Mary told him. Every member of the family is given a moment and reminisce good memories.

George Jr. stated with the speeches in loving memory, convinced George Sr. would kill him for quitting the football team, then dropping out of high school, and then getting someone pregnant out of wedlock and yet he always supported him. Mary tries to give a speech about how much loved George, but breaks down in tears admitting how angry she is with what's happened and can't continue. Meemaw comes up to give her a hug before beginning her speech.

Meemaw lightens the mood by mentioning how George's favorite brand of beer, the Lone Star Beer company, are the most upset by his loss. Meanwhile, cows everywhere are relieved about not being made into George's favorite meal, brisket. Missy seems upset by people laughing at the jokes, but George Jr. tells her that they are laughing because they love George, so she decides to laugh a bit too. Meemaw continues by saying that while she didn't approve of his relationship with Mary at first, George was a good man and earned her respect, and she was proud of him and would gladly call him a son.

Wayne Wilkins and Tom Petersen gets up. Wayne could still barely speak because he is crying so much, but Petersen gives a terse message. Jeff then asks if anyone had a few more words. Sheldon gets up and seemingly gives a heartfelt speech about his final moments with his dad. He expressed enormous regret that he could have said anything to his dad, but didn’t and barely noticed, one of many moments where that was the case. However, adult Sheldon's narrations reveal that he never actually got up to give that speech, being another scenario that he imagined. In reality, Sheldon declined, and continued to keep to himself. Jeff continues by leading everybody in a prayer.