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George Marshall "Georgie" Cooper Jr. is the eldest child of George and Mary Cooper, and the older brother of Sheldon and Missy Cooper by five years. He has been mentioned in the series long before his first appearance in the penultimate episode of Season 11. He was named after his father George Sr., who died before the start of The Big Bang Theory.

Series Overview

Young Sheldon

Season 1

The series starts out with the family, 9 year old Sheldon and Missy and 14 year old Georgie and their parents eating dinner and having a good time. The next day, Georgie is somewhat embarrassed that Sheldon will be in the same grade as he is. Missy tells him that he will be bullied or made fun of by other students. When Mary is looking for Sheldon's bowtie, she thinks he did it and searches his room. The next day at school, he plays for the team, and does not-a-good job to his own frustration, and is not happy in the locker room, and is given an inpromptu pep talk by his dad. (Pilot (Young Sheldon))

At school, Georgie has friends. At home, he comes home and gets to work. Later on, he is at the dinner table and welcomes Tam to the table. (Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System)

At home, he hears that their dad was sick and had been hospitalized at Medford Community Hospital. He got Sheldon and Missy in their dad's truck and drove there, and greeted their mother and Meemaw at the waiting room. (Poker, Faith, and Eggs)

Georgie is at home watching TV when Meemaw babysits for them. She takes them to Dairy Queen. (A Therapist, a Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage)

In one game, he scores a touchdown of football and the team wins several games because Sheldon uses math to win. However, he feels neglected because of all the attention given to Sheldon. He gets some ore attention because Sheldon told Mary about stuff. (A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom)

Georgie is struggling with his math studies and an another bad test means he cannot be on the football team. Sheldon helps with studying; Sheldon asks what he imagines and it was a model with bikini falling off. He leaves soon after. During in Ms Ingram's class, he takes the test. Sheldon gives back the test with a B grade. Sheldon confronts Georgie for cheating by writing stuff on his shoe. Georgie retorts says to honor thy father and mother, saying that if they know, they would be sad. In the night, Sheldon asks him for a favor; Georgie tells him that in order get away with lying, he has to add a few details and not trying to go too far to make it suspicious. His parents and Sheldon realize he is the main influence for Sheldon writing convincing excuse notes. (Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia)

Georgie is at home with Meemaw and Missy while his parents and Sheldon visit Wilmot Academy. He wants to finish school and be a professional model; Meemaw laughs at him because she and Missy think he will not graduate from high school. At the dinner table, he notices his mother very unhappy about Sheldon leaving and breaks tension by talking about his day. (An Eagle Feather, a String Bean, and an Eskimo)

Georgie walks by the dinner table to see Sheldon sleeping in his books and drooling; He tells Sheldon that he is drooling over his books. He walks to the fridge and opens a can of soda to drink. (Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers)

Georgie was told by Missy that a girl called for him a while back, and is interested. Later he hears the phone, and it was Missy pulling a prank on him. Later on, he is watching football with his dad, and he declares he is interested in single life; George makes a $1,000 bet that Georgie will get married before the age of 25. (this is foreshadowing to Amanda McAllister) At school, he confronts Sheldon saying that he is responsible for causing the fight. That night at home, he wanted to fix the dryer and washer, and initially confuses the dryer's ability by asking his dad where does the water come out. They fix up the two machines and wash the clothes. (A Computer, a Plastic Pony, and a Case of Beer)

At night, Georgie is trying chewing tobacco, Sheldon comes outside and sees him. Georgie then lies to Sheldon and says he is eating chocolate bazooka chewing gum. Sheldons then asks about detention. Georgie replies saying it is an hour long and the teacher watches the students. (A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek)

At the dinner table, he told the family that Sheldon supposedly has a girlfriend, but it Is just someone he liked. Later on, he witnesses Sheldon start cleaning, to his annoyance.(Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman)

Georgie is asked by his mother over the issue of Sheldon wearing bubble wrap. He does not know any thing about it. He later asks Sheldon what happened between him and Bobbi Sparks; he tells his parents that Bobbi slaps Sheldon, takes his lunch money, and even put a tadpole down his shirt. (Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo)

Georgie walks into the ktichen and asks Missy and Meemaw where his mother is but is not given an answer. He finds out that his mother wants to treat Sheldon as an adult. Later, he is given a permission slip which he gets signed, and is amused that Sheldon didn't get it signed because reasons. He and Missy are jealous of the meal Sheldon whipped up for himself, despite his mother making them some meatloaf. Sometime later, he shows his dad that he was able to make his bed, which impresses his dad. That day, a tornado watch is issued and he takes shelter in the bathroom; after the watch is cancelled, he goes over to Meemaw's place to check out the place. (A Mother, a Child, and a Blue Man's Backside)

Georgie was at dinner with family. The next day, he is watching Rocky when Missy comes to say she is struggling with homework. He tells her that he cant help with anything. A comment by her changes his mind. (Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple)

Georgie was setting the dinner table when Dr Sturgis comes in. He is curious as to why he is there, and gets the answer because Meemaw invited him. Later on, Mary asks George about whether to tell him that he was conceived out of wedlock. Mary decides to tell him only after he turned 30 years old. (Summer Sausage, a Pocket Poncho, and Tony Danza)

Georgie goes to school, and comes home. He makes his dad wonder why he likes Tony Danza so much. (Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentlemen Callers, and a Dinette Set)

Season 2

When Sheldon took apart the refrigerator, George tells him to pay for the cost of the refrigerator, Sheldon gets a job as a paperboy and Mary forces Georgie to help Sheldon. (A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels)

One day, he meets Erica Swanson, the older sister of Paige Swanson. They are out in the backyard when they decide to go out into the alleyway and try to destroy a TV; they throw rocks, but the screen is strong enough to not be destroyed. (A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron)

On a Sunday, Georgie asks George if he can get a learner's permit, he tries to lead with that he drove Meemaw's car a bunch of times, and one time, he drove George’s truck and that he did so good he had no idea. He was rebuffed as he was not responsible enough, but he manages to convince his father than he can be responsible enough to learn. (A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens)

When Mary finds out about the DWI, Mary makes everyone involved come into the living room, Georgie tries to lie about it and says that he has never been to the dog track, he only tells the truth when Meemaw tells him that Mary knows. It turns out that when Meemaw had too many to drink at the dog track, she made Georgie drive on the way home, and when the cop pulled them over, she swapped places with Georgie, after telling the story, George and Georgie is forced to sleep at Meemaw's. (A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce)

One day, he is not happy that Sheldon and Missy is getting studied and that he is not included. Later, he is seen watching television at home when the family returns. (A Research Study and Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries)

At school, Georgie sees Veronica Duncan give a hug to Sheldon, Georgie asks Sheldon about it and Sheldon tells him that he's tutoring Veronica. Sheldon introduces Georgie to Veronica. Later at home, he walks in and tells Sheldon that dinner is ready. Tam asks how well does he know Veronica, Georgie says "not as well as i'm gonna". Later, Georgie and Veronica visits the Heck house, when Veronica sees Mr Lundy's scene on lust, Veronica begs to Mary to be saved, after Georgie sees the commotion, he swore to become a devout atheist after that night. (Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan)

Georgie and Missy learns about haggling from Meemaw and gets tricked into helping for free. Later, Georgie helps Mary and Meemaw setting up tables for the yard sale. He sees a private tag, and then is told by Meemaw that there is wiggle room. He is not familiar with the term so Meemaw explains it to him. Later, Georgie sees Meemaw gift Dr. Sturgis a hula girl lamp to which he mocks Meemaw and says "nice haggle!", Meemaw replies with "nice mullet”. (Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon)

Georgie and Georgie arrive at Herschel Sparks’ auto repair shop. George explains that the pick-up truck has been running hot. George is worried it will need a new radiator, but Georgie points out that the thermostat might not be opening right. Herschel is impressed by Georgie’s knowledge. When George wonders how his son knew that, Georgie reveals he took an auto repair class last year and surprisingly paid attention. Later on, he is tasked to find a leak in a tire, and he finds it, prompting his dad to be proud of him, and Herschel taking a liking to him. (An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius)

Georgie is asked by George if he doesn't care about moving someplace else like Oklahoma, Georgie says he doesn't mind it. Later, George comes back from the job interview to reveal that he didn't take the job. (Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero)

Sheldon tries to trick Georgie with a trick peanut labeled as "Fancy Mixed Nuts" but instead surprises himself when Georgie opens it and a fake snake comes out. (A Stunted Childhood and a Can of Fancy Mixed Nuts.

When Georgie finds out that Veronica is joining his mom's bible group, Georgie immediately takes a shower and joins them, Mary tries to send a message to Georgie by making him read a bible verde, It goes over his head and he asks everybody for an amen. Later, Georgie joins Mary and Veronica at church, he prays that Veronica falls in love with him. While Mary is driving, Mary gets mad at Georgie for his current activities with Veronica, Georgie tries to calm her down by praying for her anger. At school, Georgie finds out Veronica is getting baptized, he participates in it. Later, after Veronica gets baptized and he got baptized, Georgie kisses Veronica, Veronica punches Georgie. At home, Georgie and Sheldon is both getting yelled at by Mary, Mary grounds them both. (A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to Alf)

When Sheldon gets a tummy ache and is forced to stay in bed, Georgie asks how come when he is sick it's no big deal but when Sheldon gets sick, Mary acts like its the end of the world, Mary explains that Sheldon is just a fragile little boy but Georgie is getting to be a big, strong man, Georgie agrees with it and says that puberty has done him right. When Sheldon gets confined in the hospital, Georgie says that it has been a nice break from Sheldon, George gets mad at him and tells him to stop talking about Sheldon like that, Georgie asks since when was he on Sheldon's side. Missy ends the small conflict by saying "since dad almost let Sheldon die". When Sheldon comes home, Georgie laughs about Missy getting homework from Sheldon. (A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor)

When Georgie finds out Veronica has a boyfriend, he gets heartbroken, Mary talks to him about it but it only got worse when he finds out she knows who Veronica's boyfriend is and how tall he is. Later, Georgie writes a love letter to Veronica in his room. At school, Georgie tries to give Veronica the love letter but Bryan Larkin snatches it and reads it out loud, Georgie paces away from the scene. Later, Georgie plans on moving to Alaska since everybody in school is calling him "Lovey Cooper", George asks to join him when Mary screams bout Kathryn Dempsey, Georgie asks what's that about. (A Nuclear Reactor and a Boy Called Lovey)

Georgie gets pushed at a locker by Tommy Clarkson, Sheldon, who saw the entire scene, asks Georgie about it, Georgie tells Sheldon to drop it. Later, Georgie gets furious when he learns Sheldon talked to Tommy and threatens to hit Sheldon but gets intercepted by Tommy, he tells Georgie that if he has a problem with Georgie, he has a problem with him, Tommy makes Georgie apologizes to Sheldon. At home, while Georgie is watching TV, Sheldon threatens Georgie by calling Tommy, Georgie surrenders the TV and turns on Professor Proton. Later, When Georgie tries to tell George what's happening between him and Sheldon, Sheldon threatens him again with the number, Georgie gets forced to grab a Yoo-Hoo from Sheldon. (David, Goliath, and a Yoo-hoo from the Back)

Georgie is seen eating dinner at A Math Emergency and Perky Palms.

When Georgie sees Veronica crying, he confronts her about it and finds out that Veronica broke up with Dustin, Georgie comforts her. Later, Georgie is seen waiting near the stairs for Veronica, when Veronica comes, Georgie invites her to the waffle house but not like a date, but as "someone who recently got his heart broke”, Georgie thinks he can help, Veronica asks who broke his heart, Georgie tells her she did. At the waffle house, Veronica asks Georgie if he’s capable of just being friends, Georgie says his brain says yes and that he wouldn't trust the rest of him. Later, George tries to use the bathroom but Georgie is talking to Veronica by phone. Georgie leaves the call and George tells Georgie that if he ever needs to talk to someone, he's there for him, Georgie says that he's not gonna talk to him about Veronica, George tries to use Tony Danza as an excuse but Georgie tells George that they're not related it's different from him and George. When Sheldon is seen as a commie, Georgie does not have a good look, At school, Georgie gets a hate look from everybody. At lunchtime, Georgie is shocked when Veronica sits with him, they end up talking about the movie, Rocky. Later at dinner, Georgie and the rest refuse to talk to Sheldon. (A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag)

Georgie and Missy sees Sheldon's Violin skills as hilarious. (Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary)

Mary tries to get Georgie to play monopoly with her. (A Perfect Score and a Bunsen Burner Marshmallow)

Georgie gets annoyed by the fact Sheldon is gonna be running for president, he talks to Veronica about it but Veronica thinks its cute. Later, Sheldon tries to get Georgie to vote for him, Georgie prays for his anger towards his brother to be taken away and for Sheldon to not be president, and also for Veronica to do something with Georgie she'll regret. Georgie looks really annoyed when everyone cheers for Sheldon during the election day. (A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater)

Georgie gets happy when he finds out Veronica is gonna be staying at their house, right before Veronica comes, Georgie puts on perfume and repeatedly says to himself "be the Danza". when Veronica comes, Georgie gives her a tour of the house and tells Veronica that she took his room, Veronica cries when she sees the cross built from popsicle sticks, Sheldon comes in and asks why she's crying and if she’s comfortable, Veronica says yes. At dinner, Veronica joins them and Missy tells Veronica that she can be Vanna White, Georgie tells her how can she be Vanna White, Vanna White is Vanna White, Missy says she can be Vanna Blue. In Veronica's dream, while Georgie and Veronica is in the living room at night, they make out which prompts Veronica to wake up. In the morning, Georgie tries to join Missy and Veronica in girl time. Later, Veronica's mom's boyfriend, Clint, visits the Coopers to take Veronica’s home, when Clint threatens Georgie, George stops him. (A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross)

When Georgie finds out Pastor Jeff is having problems with his wife, he comforts Pastor Jeff and even goes so far as to go to church to support him. (A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster)

Georgie gets forced into going up the roof and putting a antenna, Later, Georgie asks George why can't they get cable, George tells Georgie that television is free and always will be. When Georgie gets cable, George gets in a fight about how he can't watch TV because of a code and gives Georgie a list of bills that he needs to pay, which includes "P.I.M.A", Georgie asks what it is, George tells him that it's a "Pain In My Ass" tax. At some point, Georgie refused to pay the bill and tells George what the code is because later, George is seen watching adult shows on TV. (A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast)

Outside, as George and Georgie toss a football around, George asks his son if he has any sentimental attachment to the town. Georgie suggests he’d be more than happy to move to Hawaii, because of Magnum, P.I., or Miami, because of the Golden Girls. At thanksgiving dinner, he is asked to say something that he is thankful for. He says he is thankful he is employed at a job and Alyssa Milano. He is surprised that George wants to move to Oklahoma and that he wants to take the family with him because of the new job oppurtunity. Later, as Meemaw comforts Mary in her bedroom, Georgie and Missy can hear her sobbing as they watch TV. He is told by his father that he was interviewed at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma but declined the job. (Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero)

Season 3

Georgie comes home one day to ask his father to consider a proposal to earn some money. He admits to his father that he is asking for money, and he will take all the risk and effort to do so. He goes to the Medford Cards and Stationery store and purchases lots of Texas Snow Globes from the owner Phyllis. He gets 55 of them for $1 each, but then manages to haggle the amount from $55 to $35. He tries to haggle more but she refuses to budge any more. He takes them all and goes out to sell them. When he goes to meet his neighbors, he was dressed casual before getting a suit. He visits but gets rejected from Mister Bustifer. Wearing formal clothing this time, he sells snow globes to Mrs. Krawcynski, Mr. Stover, Lorraine, Lynette, and Mrs. Ebner. For some of them, he gives a small discount for 2 for $8. He comes home and shows his father Missy by showering the dollar bills onto the floor. (Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes).

While Georgie is working out, George tells him to partake in family chores and mow the lawn, Georgie tells him that he does not need to as he is making money, George still makes him do it. Later, George sees Billy mowing the lawn and asks him if Georgie made him do it, Billy tells him that Georgie's paying him, George goes to the garage and yells at Georgie and forces him to mow the lawn. Later, after Wayne makes George realize that he hasn't said that he's proud for any of his children, George invites Georgie to go to Whataburger. While driving, Georgie sweats a lot from the broken ac, While George is telling him that he's proud of him, Georgie offers to pay for the broken ac, George gets infuriated and makes him walk. Georgie walks to Meemaw's house then tells her what happened, Meemaw tells him that George doesn't want his kids giving him money, While Meemaw is telling him about what will happen when he has kids, Georgie tells her that he is never having kids, Meemaw tells her that was the smartest thing he has ever said. (Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit)

Season 4

Missy asks about the school dance and how he got away with it. He tells her that he never got permission and gives her a copy of the film Footlooose. Later he is confronted by Mary who asks if he gave it: an act he denies. Crappy Frozen Ice Cream and an Organ Grinder's Monkey

John Sturgis comes to dinner, and everyone is having a good time. They explore alternate universes where members of the family are different. He imagines himself the cool person who gets along well and is mature and well done. (A Black Hole)

Georgie comes home and is confused at his parents’ attitudes. He then figures out what is going on. He is told to make his own food; he makes himself something to eat and cooks some soup for his mother; she acts happy when she delivers some soup, hiding that the soup wasn't well made. (The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics)

Season 5

Georgie is told that his father is at the hospital. He goes out and finds Sheldon and Missy at the cabin and tells them that their father is in the hospital. He takes them home. (One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires)

Georgie meets a woman named Mandy (Amanda McAllister), he takes her out to dinner and ends up starting a relationship while lying about his age. (A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit)

Georgie finds out that he got Mandy pregnant. She has already found out that he was lying about his age. He tells his boss Dale, and then later that night tells his father and mother (George) and (Mary). (A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth)

Georgie struggles with his secret of Mandy's pregnancy. He goes to Dale and reveals his news, shocking him and leading him to wonder if Georgie was a soon to be father and if Mandy had cheated. He's reluctant to reveal the news, though with some encouragement from Dale, tells his father the truth. (Babies, Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli)

Georgie's news shocks his parents and leads to an argument about him marrying Mandy. The conflicts lead to suspicions from Sheldon and Missy, who eventually think Mary's having a 4th child. (A God-Fearin' Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband)

His younger siblings learn the news and the news gets spread to many people, displeasing Georgie and causing him to leave dinner. He calls Mandy and they argue. He then settles down when Missy and him have a talk about his fears of parenthood. (Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker)

The chaos continues and Missy punches a boy in church. Georgie Tells her he isn't worth her getting in trouble for. His father takes Mandy to the hospital. (White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People)

Georgie And Meemaw get arrested as his family's conflicts continue. (A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future)

Season 6

Security Officer Leon Delgado brings him to Judge Landry's office along with Meemaw. He mentions that he sees an open window and the two can escape there but is shut down by Meemaw for an irresponsible act. Judge Landry enters and is offered two options; first is to plead guilty and accept a punishment of a fine or pay bail of $2500 and go to trial. Meemaw chooses the trial, so that the bail is chosen. He spends time in jail behind bars until Dale and George come post their bail. He drives their truck home; he feels the anger and disappointment from his father. He tries to say he hopes to be a dad like George but is told to not butter him up. (Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo)

Georgie decides to visit Mandy at her apartment. He is told that the apartment has no electricity due to lack of payment and she is using candles. He says he will help out. Later, she comes to him for help; She was behind in rent, so she is locked out of her room until she has the rent. Georgie decides to get the items from her apartment; he sneaks in through the window of the neighbor Henry's place 207 in mistake. Henry pulls a shotgun on him but Georgie tells him who he is and about Mandy, and Henry puts down the gun and sits down and talk. Georgie soon leaves and goes home. Later, as they talk in the room, he asks about the bathroom situation; she later uses the sink. (Passion's Harvest and a Sheldocracy)

One morning Georgie enters the kitchen and greets Meemaw and Mandy, calling her dear and mama. Meemaw tells him to make his own food as he's not pregnant. He later comes home, asking if he can help his mother with cooking; she is delighted at this because he can grow up. At night, he is shocked at the hair disaster that Missy underwent. (Blonde Ambition and the Concept of Zero)

Georgie buys a new family car, after getting rid of the Mustang, to the surprise of Mandy. Later on, he and Meemaw reveal the casino to Mandy after she is insistent on knowing about it. (An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football)

Georgie and Mandy are on a date at The Medford Corner Grill. He talks to her parents for a moment and they leave. He tries to meet her parents at their tire shop to talk to them; he gets along with Jim, but is met with hostility by Audrey. Later Mandy confronts him at the Laundromat in frustration. At night he talks to her and goes hom because she saw Jim's truck. (A Tougher Nut and a Note on File).

He is seen talking to Meemaw before going to the store. A woman, Mrs Howard, returns a movie of Basic Instinct, disgusted at the slight sexual nature. He tries to moderate responses, as Mandy wants to lash out. Later on, he, Meemaw, and Mandy are in a store talking about Pastor Jeff's campaign to smear the reputation fo the store when Kimberly comes into the store asking for an interview. (Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha)

He accompanied Mandy to her doctor appointment. Later on, he works at the gambling den, and helps a few customers, and then at the video store. He tells his dad and Missy about splitting up duties. (Ruthless, Toothless and a Week of Bed Rest)

Georgie welcomed Jim McAllister and Connor McAllister, Mandy's brother. They talked and sat on the couch and watched TV. (A Baby Shower and a Testoterone-Rich Banter)

Georgie goes to a store to buy a car seat for their child. He talks to Bruce, and tells him to get him the most expensive version. He attempts but fails to set it in place. Later, he is sitting outside Medford Community Hospital when Sheldon talks to him. They drive home and get the child seat,a nd Sheldon fixes it in the car, and they drive right back to the hospital. (A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being)

Georgie drives Mandy home from the hospital, and he drives slowly at her request. At home, he attempts but fails at being a dad in calming down his daughter; Mandy tells him that one time, Sheldon was able to do so. He later talks to Mandy alone and realizes they are new parents and could be great as time goes on. (Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame)

He is in the kitchen when he hears that Missy is missing. He complains that Missy didn't think how much her family would worry about her, and he backs up Sheldon's hypothesis that Missy wants to meet Luke Perry. (A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam)

Georgie is at his place and wonders if Mandy needs to get her own job. She wanted a job, but he thought she can be a full time mother while he can keep a job to bring in money. At the gambling room, Wade wins the lottery after rubbing Cece's forehead. He lets Wade hold her while he gambles. (A New Weather Girl and a Stay-at-Home Coddler)

Georgie is told about the Spa treatment that Mandy purchased for the both of them. He is a bit hesitant because he is nervous about going down the road of sexual sin. He asks Meemaw to watch over Constance for the time being. He and Mandy arrive at the Piney Woods Hotel and Spa, and receive the spa treatment from Gloria. He talks to Mandy, proving a point that she leaves mid-session. In the middle of the drive home, she accepts to marry him; he pulls over and kisses her. (A Romantic Getaway and a Germanic Meat-Based Diet)

Georgie is excited at their engagement, but his mother Mary suggest having the wedding after the summer. He goes to the McAllister household to talk about their wedding, while discussing the wedding, Mandy gets mad at her mom, they try to leave but the storm stops them from doing so, Jim makes them go to the bathroom. Georgie tells Mandy that they can't afford a big wedding since the ring presumably cost thousands of dollars. A tornado rips apart Meemaw's house. (A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring)

Season 7

Georgie finds and brings home a pair of underwear to Mandy. Later, Mandy visits Georgie at the laundromat and Georgie shows that business was booming, Georgie then reveals that Audrey (Mandy's mom) had offered them a place to live but Mandy denies it and says that she's been plotting to control her life. (A Wiener Schnitzel and Underwear in a Tree)

Georgie is concerned about the illegal roulette wheel in the gambling room, Mandy convinces him that it's fine but it only got worse when he got a nightmare about the dixie mafia. (A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog)

Georgie comes home and goes to the kitchen with flyers, he thinks about becoming a guitarist, Mandy asks why, Georgie tells her that its so her love for him deepens, both of them go to the living room. Later, Georgie writes a letter for Mandy in the gambling room, he puts a weird shower part in the letter. Later, Georgie comes in to see Mandy reading the letter, Mandy goes to take a shower and flirts with Georgie. Later, George tries to use the restroom but Georgie and Mandy is in the shower. (A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy)

Georgie and the Cooper family (except Meemaw) greets Sheldon and Mary in the airport, Georgie explains that he, Mandy, and the baby have been living in Sheldon's room but gets shocked when Sheldon says he's okay with it and promptly tries to kick them out, George cools Sheldon down by telling Sheldon to sleep in the couch to figure it out tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, when Mary suggests waking up Sheldon, Georgie and the family makes Mary stop. (Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker)

Missy asks Georgie advice about something, Georgie asks if she's pregnant but Missy gets offended about assuming something like that, George tells her it's been known to happen, they both go into the garage where Missy asks Georgie if he can buy them beer or if George will notice if she took some beer from the fridge, Georgie rejects both ideas but gives Missy a box of fireworks which later at night were used at Missy and Billy's party but a firework goes loose and hits Mary in the bottom. (A Frankenstein's Monster and a Crazy Church Guy)

Mandy gets mad at Audrey and Mary for baptizing CeeCee behind her back, she complains to Georgie about it but with Georgie not caring that much, makes Mandy mad at Georgie too. Later, Georgie comes to Meemaw's house to bring Mandy flowers, but Mandy finally makes up her mind and chooses to get married in city hall. (Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning)

Georgie and Mandy finally get married!, but, it stirs up some drama when Audrey offers the both of them to a fully paid weekend at Dollywood, and with Meemaw getting arrested while she was taking care of the baby, the two rival moms are forced to get along and take care of the baby, all while the two couple are still on their way to Dollywood, having conversations about having another kid and spoiling Mandy. (A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet)

Georgie and Mandy come home and immediately goes to Meemaw to which they find out about what had happened lately, and also, Meemaw gets put on house arrest. Later, after George's failed attempt at fixing the toilet, Georgie and Mandy stays at the McAllister's after George thinks installing a porta-potty is a good idea, Georgie tries to gain Audrey's trust even going so far as to applying for a job as a bag boy, but when he announces that he got the job, Audrey lets Jim announce that he thinks that Georgie working for him is a good idea, Georgie gets excited about it and tells Jim that he will work his butt off. (An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House)

Georgie is met with some problems with Audrey and Mandy. He later on receives advice from Jim to take their sides when he's in the room with one person. Later, Mandy finds out about this and while the family waches T.V, Mandy and Audrey fight about how the husbands never get a say in anything, Georgie invites Jim to leave while they're distracted, Jim takes it and goes to the kitchen. (Community Service and the Key to a Happy Marriage)

Georgie helps George carry the stairs to the backyard. Later, while Georgie and the Coopers are getting ready for the photoshoot, they receive a knock on the door, Mary takes it and sees Coach Wilkins and Principal Petersen in an empty manner, they deliver the news as Georgie had passed away because of a heart attack, Meemaw hugs Missy while Mary just cries, Sheldon slowly sits down, processing what he had just heard, It is unknown if Georgie and Mandy had heard the news that time. (A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture)

Georgie prepares some stuff for the funeral, he tries to stop a fight between Missy and Sheldon but Missy snaps and leaves, he later grabs a suit for George. At the funeral, Georgie sits with Missy who leaves to see George in his casket and say some words to him, Georgie does so aswell, saying that he won't let him down, Mary speaks to George aswell. Georgie speaks to the crowd about how George always had his back, no matter what the situations he caused, the other family members speak as well, when the crowd laughs at Meemaw's joke, Missy gets offended but Georgie calms her down. (Funeral)

At dinner, Georgie gets forced into putting a plate in honor of George but the other family members stop him, when the subject of baptism gets brought up, Missy reveals that Georgie got punched after kissing a girl, Sheldon reveals more information about it. When Georgie takes out the trash, he sees Mary crying while praying, she yells at Georgie for making religion seem like a joke and tells him to convince his siblings to get baptized, Georgie goes back inside and calls Meemaw, he tells her that he's worried about Mary. At the church, when Sheldon is set to get baptized, Sheldon comes out wearing scuba gear, Mandy and Georgie chuckle. (Memoir)

The Big Bang Theory

His mother calls both him and Missy "dumb as soup" though this may be a bit of an exaggeration. (The Luminous Fish Effect)

Sheldon mentions him in saying "I grew up with an older brother and a very contentious twin sister." (The Jiminy Conjecture)

Sheldon's family tree, although depicted briefly, shows a brother as well as a twin sister. (The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification (S4E02))

Sheldon mentions in "The Fish Guts Displacement" (S6E10), that his brother would sneak into their father's truck and drink his driving whiskey.

In "The Cooper Extraction" (S7E11) Sheldon mentions "my brother's kidney stone", presumably meaning his.

In "The Fortification Implementation" (S8E20), Sheldon tells Amy that his brother and sister built forts in the living room and wouldn't let Sheldon in, which he hated so much.

In "The Maternal Combustion" (S8E23), Sheldon tells Leonard's mother Beverly that his own brother and sister are mouth-breathing idiots unlike Leonard's successful academic siblings.

In "The Matrimonial Momentum" (S9E01), Mary mentions that Sheldon's brother has a girlfriend but that she would not let him give her grandmother's ring (which she gave to Sheldon for Amy) to that whore. When Sheldon asks if Mary Magdalene was a woman of ill repute, Mary tells Sheldon that when his idiot brother redeems mankind, he can date whoever he wants (This suggesting that despite being a loving parent, Mary is on bad terms with or has a low opinion of George Jr., despite his success).

Sheldon briefly talks about his brother while filming his part of Leonard Nimoy's documentary in "The Spock Resonance" (S9E07).

In "The Solder Excursion Diversion" (S9E19), while Sheldon is with Amy at his storage unit, he shows her a golf ball which Sheldon's brother threw at Sheldon's head which left a dent.

In "The Matrimonial Metric" (S11E12), Sheldon mentioned his brother while discussing candidates for the best man for his wedding with Amy.

Georgie finally made his first appearance in "The Sibling Realignment". He runs a chain of tire stores he founded called "Dr. Tire", which is the most successful chain in Texas and is mad that Sheldon only comes to see him when he wants something. Georgie explains that he goes by George and wants Sheldon to apologize because George had to take care of their emotionally devastated mother and teenage Missy after their father died and Sheldon leaving for college afterwards. To make matters worse, Sheldon's college attendance, and then studying in Germany, cost the family a lot of money and George Jr. had to fund his first tire store from scratch. In a conversation with Leonard, he explains he holds some resentment for Sheldon being the golden child their mother is most proud of, despite Georgie's sacrifices to make his business a success. Georgie also had looked after him much like Leonard does, by apologizing to others for his behavior and protecting him from bullies with his antic. Georgie and Sheldon later talk and Sheldon finally gets what happened between them and apologizes. As a result, Georgie agrees to attend Sheldon's wedding. Sheldon later mentioned to Amy that he was staying in Texas to bond with his brother for the next few days.

George Jr. appeared again in the season 12 episode "The Tam Turbulence", where he talks to Leonard, Howard, and Raj via webcam about Sheldon's childhood friend Tam, whom they are curious about. It was revealed that he had a long conversation at the wedding with someone he thought was Tam, which makes him embarrassed when Leonard mentions that Tam wasn't at the wedding.

His Young Sheldon self-appeared through a videotape in "The VCR Illumination".

When Sheldon and Amy won the Nobel Prize in "The Change Constant", he and two of his ex-wives sent Sheldon congratulatory text messages. Sheldon also mentioned him in his Nobel acceptance speech and thanked him.


  • As a teen, George went to school with his brother in high school, before dropping out.
  • George likes rock music, such as Guns N' Roses and Bon Jovi.
    • His favorite band member in Guns N' Roses is Axl.
  • He dropped out of high school in his senior year to focus on his job as a salesman.
  • George and Sheldon don't get along, and the pilot of Young Sheldon explains that it's because George is tired of always being compared to his brother.
    • He even told his parents to admit Sheldon was adopted but the latter quickly debunked it with the fact that would go for his twin sister and insulted his brother.
  • After his father died, he started to go by George rather than Georgie.
  • When Sheldon went to Caltech after their father had died, George took care of Mary and Missy, whom George described Mary as a "mess" and Missy as a "dumb teenager", George explained to Sheldon that they were protecting him from the truth.
  • George appeared at Sheldon and Amy's Wedding on season 11 finale.
  • He has been shown to have a liking towards the show "Who's The Boss?", and also one of the shows main cast members, Tony Danza.
  • He was conceived out of wedlock and that was the main reason his parents got married.
  • Mary had George Jr. when she was 25 years old.
  • George owns a chain of tire stores. According to Sheldon, as of May 2018, he sold "more tires than anyone in Texas."
  • O'Connell is actually a near year younger than Jim Parsons.
  • In Training Wheels and an Unleashed Chicken, it was revealed that George is left-handed.
  • Sheldon stated that while he was in college getting a Ph.D., his brother got an STD.
  • Georgie's original character description in the pilot script described him as "a charming, mischievous Texan who loves football and girls."
  • He once won a school spelling bee by using his knowledge of football terminology.
  • He has been married and divorced twice.
  • Along with Tam Nguyen, and George Cooper Sr., Georgie is one of three characters who appeared on Young Sheldon first, before appearing on The Big Bang Theory.
  • He revealed that if ever had a son, he wanted to be name after him and his father. But referred to call him George Jr. Jr. instead of George the Third because Georgie believe that would get his son beat up.



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