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"Future Worf and the Margarita of the South Pacific" is the second episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 6, 2022.


Sheldon and Missy try to help the family's finances. Also, Mary struggles to find her footing without the church.[1]


The episode starts with dinner with Hamburger Helper. Missy remarks they are poor, but George says they're fine. Sheldon suggests they say grace, and Missy says grace.

After dinner, Mary is washing dishes when George walks in and asks if she is ok with the non-church thing. George gets two beers and wonders if Mary will join him for the good old days. Missy goes to Sheldon's room and asks about the money they have. Sheldon says they will run out of money before Christmas; the pair think of ways to get money.

Grant Linkletter calls Meemaw and saw his calendar, saying it has been 6 weeks since he asked her out. He said it used to be 9 weeks. She says “fine”, to his happiness. Meemaw just says it is a platonic relationship; He asks about if she wants restaurant or homemade, and Meemaw says restaurant.

George calls Brenda to meet in the chicken coop. She shows up. He was a bit surprised at it and thinks it is weird. Brenda thinks the meeting is weird and asks if he is drunk. She had been nice for a job at the bowling alley but says it was weird because of the relationship and goes home.

Missy is asked what she is good at; Sheldon thought of places such as Jeopardy and wants to sell ideas to ideas. He also shoots down the idea to get punched for $1 because the money would just go to medical expenses.

At the bowling alley, Mary was looking at expenses and asks Brenda about them. Brenda thanked her. She walks away and sees and walks up to Pastor Rob. He greets her and didn't realize she worked there. They talk a bit, and Pastor Rob realizes Mary is working there instead of playing. His girlfriend Shannon Dixon comes and meets Mary, and Shannon reminds Mary she was her babysitter and asks if Mary remembers her. Mary initially remembers and is embarrassed at the mention of her liking alcohol. He goes back to Brenda; Brenda tells Mary that Pastor Rob comes to the alley a lot, but for Shannon, it is her first time.

At home, Meemaw had come to the Cooper house to get alcohol, because she didn't want to buy it at the store. George and Meemaw talk about how Mary was wild in her younger days, even before she met George.

Sheldon is explaining a Star Trek episode proposal to Dr. Linkletter but he is not interested at all. Dr. Linkletter immediately calls a restaurant to make a reservation, for 8:00 but is told by Sheldon that Meemaw doesn't like it any later than 6:30. He then hangs up to get more information out of Sheldon.

Missy goes to the local comic store and applies for a job. Nigel asks some questions and impresses him with her knowledge. It is only because of her memory of being told the information from Sheldon. When she goes, home, she tells Sheldon she had gotten the job. Surprised, Sheldon says of all the people who get a job at a comic store, it is he who deserves it.

Mary is sobbing while working in the office when Brenda comes in. Sensing her distress, she invites Mary to join her for a night a bar after work.

Linkletter and Meemaw are on a date at Pina Pete's and are having a Polynesian drink. Linkletter says he thought of Mexican food, but probably other people tried so he went with a Polynesian fare.

Sheldon presents his Star Trek pitch to his dad. His dad is not sure if he is the right person so Sheldon says it is for the common man. Sheldon pitches it, and George points out an error and flaw that Sheldon recognizes as a problem. Sheldon thinks of an idea; decentralized blockchain technology to form cryptocurrency. He tells Missy but does not understand the concept. He goes to Georgie and tries to explain it. Georgie is sympathetic but denies it as viable since it is advanced and people will not understand scientific stuff.

Mary and Brenda spend the evening at the Painted Palomino Saloon. During their conversation, the two women discuss Mary's expulsion from the church, marriage and the sex appeal of men. Mary also reveals some of Shannon's more embarrassing secrets. Brenda becomes convinced that Mary has a cruch on the youth pastor, which she tries to deny. Mary gets up from her table and decides to join a country-line dancing routine with other bar patrons. Brenda gives her a thumbs up. Mary goes home and tells George that she went dancing. She gets flirty with George, who gets up from his chair in excitement.

At the comic book store, Sheldon checks out comics when Missy greets him. She tells him about Green Lantern comics, as well as Green Arrow and The Incredible Hulk, much to his chagrin.






  • Title Reference: Future Worf: WIP
  • Margarita from the South Pacific: Linkletter mentioned it in his date with Meemaw.



  • When coming up with ideas to make money Missy suggests that Sheldon go on Jeopardy! (1984). In real life after the death of longtime host Alex Trebek, Mayim Bialik who played Sheldon's eventual wife Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory (2007) became one of the new host.
  • In this episode Sheldon basically invents crypto-currency like Bitcoin. However, in "The Bitcoin Entanglement" (2017) he doesn't want to get involved with buying some because of the tax implications. Sheldon seems to have realized the flaws in his plan since he came up with the idea.
  • Sheldon Cooper never did play in jeopardy, since he is twelve years old and ineligible to play and has to be 18 to play. In high school, you do not see him in academic bowls because the guy hates making speeches, teaching or entering contest think he is better than everyone else.