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"Funeral" is the thirteenth episode and part one of the series finale of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 16, 2024.


YOUNG SHELDON ends its seven-year run with a must-see two-episode series finale. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprise their roles as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in an unforgettable hour of television, on part one of the series finale of YOUNG SHELDON.[1]


In the days following George's death, the Cooper family is in mourning. Sheldon sits in the kitchen staring at the door and flummoxed at the ways people cope with grief. Mary goes to church more and prays to God. Meemaw drinks additional alcohol spirits while staying with Dale. Georgie goes to talk about caskets and uses his business acumen about cost of caskets. Brenda, June, Audrey, and Peg each independently bring a casserole for Mary.

In the kitchen, Sheldon is sitting and looking at the door and thinking of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and how upset he was when Spock died. Missy comes in and scolds him for only thinking of it; Sheldon interprets rage as Missy's method of coping.

Pastor Jeff pays a visit to the household and talks about the upcoming memorial service. He asks for any picture of George so he can display it. Georgie says he can take care of it. He also reveals to Jeff that George Sr. loved the song "Born to Be Wild" by Mars Bonfire and Steppenwolf, every time the team won a game. Jeff says the organist doesn't know it and tells Meemaw, who offered a boombox, that it would be Plan B.

Sheldon has been replaying the last time he saw George Sr. in his head, dwelling on the fact he didn't say anything to his father before he left the house for the last time. In each replay he says different words to his father. In one replay, Sheldon tells George Sr. "I have been and always shall be your friend" (Spock's last words in The Wrath of Khan), to which George Sr. replies with "Live long and prosper". In another replay, Sheldon says "bye", and in another "I love you". Missy asks him about it, and he kept thinking few alternate realities, but she is not happy about it. Missy is angry again about him not taking the situation seriously. Georgie tells them to calm down, and Missy retorts about it. Jeff tries to object too but is told to "shut up" by Missy. Mary tells her to go to her room, prompting Missy to leave and go outside.

Missy talks to Billy, who tries to comfort her, when he gave some gifts. He says his father is gone, but Missy retorts that he moved to New Jersey; he knows that fact and reveals Herschel will not return to Medford, Texas. She later goes inside and is comforted by Dale, but she isn't really needing to hear anything and leaves the living room. Sheldon comes over and tells Dale to move over because he is in his spot. Sheldon then leaves, not really wanting to sit down but simply wanting Dale to stay out of it. Sheldon still somewhat replays the last moment of his father, playing several versions of it in alternate timelines.

Wayne Wilkins comes over and talks to Mary about it, having cleared out for him. He then sulks in the kitchen and Mary comforts him for the loss of his best friend. Sheldon walks then and sees them two, but decides to deal with grief by avoiding it. He walks on campus of East Texas Tech and is talked to by Sturgis but he is uninterested about it.

George Jr. goes to a dry cleaner to pick up a suit and is told that it looks a bit large for him. George Jr. says that the suit is actually his father's; the receptionist sees as a kind gesture, not knowing that the suit is what his father will be buried in. George Jr. keeps his emotions together as he is told that the suit is $8.

Back at home, Meemaw talks to Mary who is writing a speech for the funeral, but does not get far. She is told that Meemaw coped with her husband's death by drinking. Mary revealed she had smoked marijuana because George gave her some of it. Mary asks about Dale, but Meemaw sent him home. Meemaw encourages Mary to make up a story because nobody will call her out on it; Mary says that Sheldon might, and Meemaw agrees.

At the church, a memorial service for George Sr. is held with photographs shown. Numerous people show up. Some acquaintances include, Mandy's parents, Drs. Sturgis and Linkletter, neighbor Brenda Sparks, and Hubert Givens. Hubert and Brenda chat with each other and reveal they are single. Missy is told she can have a moment with George Sr. before they close the casket. George Jr. is told the same thing. Sheldon declines when Mary told him. Every member of the family is given a moment and reminisce good memories.

George Jr. stated with the speeches in loving memory, convinced George Sr. would kill him for quitting the football team, then dropping out of high school, and then getting someone pregnant out of wedlock and yet he always supported him. Mary tries to give a speech about how much loved George, but breaks down in tears admitting how angry she is with what's happened and can't continue. Meemaw comes up to give her a hug before beginning her speech.

Meemaw lightens the mood by mentioning how George's favorite brand of beer, the Lone Star Beer company, are the most upset by his loss. Meanwhile, cows everywhere are relieved about not being made into George's favorite meal, brisket. Missy seems upset by people laughing at the jokes, but George Jr. tells her that they are laughing because they love George, so she decides to laugh a bit too. Meemaw continues by saying that while she didn't approve of his relationship with Mary at first, George was a good man and earned her respect, and she was proud of him and would gladly call him a son.

Wayne Wilkins and Tom Petersen gets up. Wayne could still barely speak because he is crying so much, but Petersen gives a terse message. Jeff then asks if anyone had a few more words. Sheldon gets up and seemingly gives a heartfelt speech about his final moments with his dad. He expressed enormous regret that he could have said anything to his dad, but didn’t and barely noticed, one of many moments where that was the case. However, adult Sheldon's narrations reveal that he never actually got up to give that speech, being another scenario that he imagined. In reality, Sheldon declined, and continued to keep to himself. Jeff continues by leading everybody in a prayer.

Adult Sheldon voices over his thoughts on his father. Now that he is the age that his father was when he passed away and has his own children, Sheldon knows that George Sr. was just a normal man who did everything he could for his family and now feels he can say what he couldn't at the funeral; "I loved my father, I will miss him forever."






  • This is the last episode with new scenes by Lance Barber; George Sr. appears in Sheldon's imagination and in his casket. Humorously, Barber also attends the funeral in disguise, portraying a lady named "Georgina".

Vanity Card[]



  • While at her father's coffin, Missy reminisces on the events of Season 1 episode "Summer Sausage, a Pocket Poncho, and Tony Danza" when he took her to Red Lobster.
    • Incidentally, George is dressed with the same suit from that episode in his casket.


George Cooper Sr.: See y'all later.
Mary: 4:00.

Mary: Sheldon, they're gonna close the casket, if you wanna say goodbye to your dad.

Sheldon: I’ve been thinking a lot about the last moments I had with my dad. It was morning, and he was leaving for work. He said, "See y’all later." And I said nothing. I regret that. I could have said "Bye" or asked him for a ride. Or told him that I loved him. But I didn’t. I barely noticed he left. So many times that I didn’t notice my father. I hope he knew how much I loved him.
Adult Sheldon: I wish I could tell you I said all those things. But I didn’t.