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"Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo" is the first episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on September 29, 2022.


George Sr. bails Meemaw and Georgie out of jail. Also, Sheldon and Missy meet Mandy, and Mary feels unwelcome at church.[1]

Extended plot[]

The episode continues from the prior episode where Meemaw calls home saying they got arrested at the border. At home, George tells Mary, who is not happy. She is more concerned about Georgie who has to spend the night in jail; Mary does not seem too concerned about Meemaw as she had spent the night in jail before. Sheldon is surprised Meemaw is in jail and George tells him to forget about it; Sheldon reminds him he cannot as he remembers his birth.

Georgie and Meemaw are brought into an office by Leon, a security guard. Georgie sees an open window but is shut down by Meemaw. Judge Landry comes in and mentions the cigarettes number 400 and 399 more than the allowed 1 carton. He subsequently mentions they have two options; They can either go to trial and lose or decide to plead guilty and pay a total $2,500 fine. Meemaw attempts to negotiate but is shown the door by Leon.

George and Meemaw are sitting in jail and they bond. She is more concerned about him. She mentions George has to drive 8 hours to pick them up.

Sheldon and Missy talk about the recent problems their family has experienced as well as Georgie having a baby. Mandy comes to Meemaw's house knocking on her door. She is spotted by Sheldon and Missy as she is about to knock on the front door, Missy and Sheldon confront her, believing she is trying to rob the house. They ask who they are and Mandy says she needs to talk to Meemaw. Sheldon reveals it is their Meemaw's house, so Mandy immediately realizes the twins are Georgie's siblings. She introduces herself as just Mandy. Sheldon talks and accidentally reveals Meemaw and Georgie are in jail. Mary is talking to God when Sheldon comes in.

George tells Dale about the pair in jail. Dale has the money for bail hence the question. Dale is surprised but agrees with the fact as long as he gets to take an image of them in jail. They drive a truck to the border.

Missy and Mandy talk on Meemaw's porch just after George and Dale leave. Missy asks if Mandy hates Georgie; She hates herself for drinking tequila before sex. Mary walks up and Mandy asks if Meemaw and Georgie are ok. She leaves and is told by Mary that it is nice to see her.

At night as Mary takes out the trash, she sees Pastor Jeff; he hopes she comes to church tomorrow.

The twins are not able to sleep because of the mess with Mandy. He talks to Missy via walkie-talkie about potential names for the child. Sheldon is overthinking the situation as usual and needed a name for Mandy; Missy suggests just Mandy. Sheldon goes on saying since they are not married, Mandy is not the sister-in-law and could not call her that. He had thought of using the terms Nibling (for the future niece or nephew) and Niblingo (for the parent of the child who is not related to the Coopers by law).

George and Dale arrive at the jail and bail the pair out. Dale gets a picture while they are asleep. They drive home separately. George is disappointed in his son. Georgie asks for advice on how to do stuff; George says it was harder for Georgie than he did. Georgie hopes he is as good a dad as he is. He promises to work and pay it back one day. Meemaw is ashamed of herself; Dale asks If she wanted a copy of the picture. She wants to pay it back but offers a sexual favor to wipe out the $2,500.

The next day, at home, Missy tells Mary she will accompany her to church, and look at Sheldon, who responds with “What?”.

At church, Mary is acutely aware of the community's resentment of the congregation. Jeff preaches about love and tells people to hold hands and pray; the woman next to Mary refuses to do so and holds someone in the pew behind her. Mary goes out of the sermon; Sheldon comes back in to interrupt and points out the hypocrisy of preaching for love, but it falls on deaf ears. Mary drags him out.

Later in the day, Jeff passes by the Cooper family. Missy gets to the door, and Mary walks to the door. He apologizes for what happened at church earlier in the day. Mary says she feels the Lord is walking away from the family and shuts the door.






  • It is still 1992 and Sheldon is still a freshman in college.
  • Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord are 14 in real life, in the series their characters are still 12 years old. But their voices changed.
  • Mary chose not go back to the church, when she was booted out of the church.
  • The episode occurs on a Saturday and Sunday.


  • "this episode set up the new season quite seamlessly and fans can look forward to seeing how the story unravels as the season plays out." - [2]


  • Sheldon's voice is finally changing as he goes through puberty. His voice already started changing in the last few episodes of season 5.
  • Assuming Medford is near Houston, the closest border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico, Brownsville, is a little more than 5 hours away. Yet, Meemaw says the drive was 8 hours.


  • Pastor Jeff: Mary, I am so sorry about today. I understand why you're upset, but the church is still your family. I just hate to see you walk away from the Lord.
  • Mary Cooper: [pauses and sighs sadly] Feels like He's walking away from me.