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Fort Crazy McBlanket is a fort made out of blankets and sheets built by Sheldon and Amy in the living-room of Apartment 4A in "The Fortification Implementation" (S8E20).


The Fortification Implementation 25

Fort Cozy McBlanket

After Sheldon is not invited a weekend physics symposium at one of Richard Feynman’s former homes, he is very depressed at his Date Night with Amy. They discuss how they have been excluded from things in their lives like when from the forts built by his brother and sister when he was growing up. Amy can't get him invited to the symposium, but she suggests that together they could build their own fort. The fort is byult of blankets and sheets in their living area with Christmas lights hanging from their ceiling. After roughing it by sitting on the floor, they both think that it is a really amazing fort. Shamy conducte dtheir first annual greatest fort ever Competition|contest. Their fort (Fort Cozy McBlanket) beats Fort Knox. After Amy's alarm clocks|alarm goes off, Sheldon isn't ready to stop and suggests that they extend the Date Night parameters. Amy suggests their first sleepover. Sheldon is fine as long as it is G-rated, though Amy is pushing for PG. Does she need pajamas or a toothbrush? Amy had previously hid a set under the couch cushion in case she ever spent the night. And there might be another set in Sheldon's bedroom. When Leonard returns home and finds the fort built using his Bed sheet|sheets. Sheldon wants Leonard to ask to come in just so he can say no. Leonard agrees and asks to come in. Luckily, Sheldon thinks it's such a great fort that he can't say no, though he won't let Leonard sit in his spot.

The Fortification Implementation 13

Fort interior.


  • The initial first round candidates in the first annual best fort ever contest were Fort Cozy McBlanket, Fort Bragg, Fort Benning, Fort Sumter}], {{w|Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Irwin, Fort Wayne}] and {{w|Fort Knox. We all know who won.
  • Within the confines of the fort, Sheldon and Amy spend their first night together, though G-rated.