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"The Trip to the Mama and Papa" is the seventeenth episode of the season 10 fan suggested episodes made by ZoomDust16.


Sam Wolowitz invites Howard, Bernadette, Steve, and Debbie Wolowitz to his, Iris, and Josh's house. Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Emily, Stuart, and Alex are all invited to Penny's childhood house in Nebraska by Wyatt and Patty. (Penny's parents).


Everyone is eating in 4A apartment, then Penny announces that her parents, Wyatt and Patty are inviting everyone to their house in Nebraska over the weekend, then Howard and Bernadette apologize that they cant because they are invited to Sam and Iris's home over the weekend with Steve & Debbie as well. Sheldon then makes a funny comment then yells "Ahoy, the trip to the mama and papa weekend" everyone then laughs. Howard, Bernadette, Steve, and Debbie arrive to Sam and Iris's house, then Josh opens the door for them. Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Amy, Raj, Emily, Stuart, and Alex are on the way to Nebraska, but then, Leonard and Penny crash into Sheldon and Amy's car. Howard, Bernadette, Sam, Iris, and Josh are having a conversation about Steve and Debbie. Penny then realizes they just crashed in front of her child hood home, so they ignore the crash and visit Wyatt and Patty.

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