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"The Robbery Disastor" is the twenty second episode of the season 10 fan suggested episodes made by ZoomDust16.


Steve and Debbie get kidnapped. The entire gang go on the hunt and look for them, but then Bernadette enlists the help of her father.


Howard and Bernadette are taking Steve and Debbie out for a walk in an amusement park but then, Steve and Debbie run towards the slide, in which they slide into the hands of a criminal. Howard and Bernadette are frightened after they suddenly disappear so they chase the criminal, until realizing the criminal took them into a car and left with Steve and Debbie. Howard and Bernadette call 911 for the case, then they rush to 4A to tell Lenny and Sheldon the news. When they arrive they realize Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Stuart, Penny, Amy, Emily, and Alex are all there so they tell them everything. Howard and Sheldon work together to hack the google maps satellite to find out exactly where Steve and Debbie are, but they find out they are in the same street of Bernadette's parent's house so everyone heads over there quickly. They then split up to find Steve and Debbie. Howard and Bernadette go to her parent's house, Leonard and Penny go to the police station with Sheldon and Amy, Raj and Emily search the streets with Stuart and Alex. Later, Howard and Bernadette find out that Steve and Debbie are on a bus, so Mike shoots the wheels of the bus, causing it to stop. Stuart and Alex end up getting Steve and Debbie. Later, everyone is safe and eating together in 4A.

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