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"The Hofstadter Fraternal Combustion" is the first episode of the season 10 fan suggested episodes made by Giangster.


With Leonard and Penny's redo wedding ceremony around the corner, Leonard gets a visit from his younger brother Michael, as well as their long-lost older brother Daniel, both of whom have immense hatred towards Sheldon.

Full Story

Leonard gets a surprise visit from his brothers, Michael and Daniel, who have come for his wedding ceremony with Penny, in spite of their anger at Sheldon. The two of them warmly greet Stuart, Howard, and Raj, while they really hit it off with Amy and Bernadette. Upon seeing Sheldon, the men immediately start attacking him, until Leonard tells them to calm down. After a while, Michael and Daniel decide to take Leonard on a guys' night out, just the three of them. With Leonard out with his brothers, the guys tell the girls the story of how and when they first met Leonard's brothers, and how they grew to hate Sheldon (the scenes switching between the brothers having a good time and the Apartment where the guys tell the story).

Leonard, Michael, and Daniel are seen having a great time together, involving: drinking a bar, eating at a Korean BBQ restaurant, going to a comedy club, etc.

Meanwhile at Apartment 4A; Stuart, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard begin to tell the story of how they first met Leonard's brothers, and how it involves Stuart first opening up the comic store...

Upon their return from their night out, everyone comments on how they had a great time. When Sheldon unintentionally insults all three of them, Daniel starts to blow up with rage at Sheldon. He goes on a tirade of how annoying Sheldon is, the fact that nobody cares what he thinks about anything, the pain he put both him and Michael through, and that he always takes advantage of Leonard by making him drive him everywhere, and with the roommate agreement. He and Michael then leave for their hotel, but not before he loudly utters the words that "someone should've told [him] long ago": "SHELDON LEE COOPER, GO TO HELL! YOU ARE A NARCISSISTIC JERK WHO ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF, AND OUR BROTHER WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU!"

The episode ends with the aftermath of Daniel's confrontation with Sheldon, Sheldon being in shock of how badly he treats Leonard. He then proceeds to make amends with his best friend for everything he put him through as the future regarding his feud with Daniel remains in question.


  • Michael and "Daniel" may have possibly met and visited the guys in the past, but stopped due to Sheldon getting on their bad sides.
  • Ironically, even though they're the ones in the Hofstadter family who are not scientists, both Michael and Daniel are named after famous scientists, Michael Faraday and Daniel Fahrenheit, respectively.
  • Daniel Hofstadter bears these traits:
    • He is the oldest of the Hofstadter siblings
    • He served four years in the US Marines
    • He is a graduate at Yale University
    • He works as an NSA Agent (and often points out that the CIA and FBI are too overrated)
    • His personality involving anger and rage is similar to Bernadette's
    • He often took care of his younger siblings like Bernadette did with her's, though he enjoyed the experience unlike her
    • He has lingering resentment towards both of his parents (Beverly for her cold personality and non-maternal parenting, and Alfred for always working instead of spending time with the family)
    • He has four kids
  • Sheldon's frequently mentioned List of Mortal Enemies makes its reappearance when it's discovered that Daniel is #1 on the list, while Michael holds the #2 spot.
  • The Hofstadter brothers are revealed to be so close that they have each other's backs and look out for one another. In addition they have a code: "You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us."

Possible Guest Stars

  • Justin Long as Michael Hofstadter
  • Bill Burr as Daniel Hofstadter
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