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"The Financial Conundrum" is the nineteenth episode of the season 10 fan suggested episodes made by ZoomDust16.


Everyone has earned a total of one hundred million dollars in profit from Comic Con, they then decide how to use the money.


While Steve and Debbie are at school, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Stuart, Penny, Amy, Emily, Bernadette, and Alex find out they've earned a total of 100,000,000 dollars in profit from Comic Con. They all then keep coming up with different ideas on how to use it but then they start arguing a-lot. Leonard decides, each person has to come up with one idea with in an hour but a twist is if 2 people run into each other they unite with one idea. Later... everyone is going out for a walk alone to think. Leonard and Bernadette bump into each other which means they have to unite so they decide and their idea is 10 million dollars for each person. Leonard and Bernadette agree with each other so they then hangout together. Penny, Amy, Sheldon, and Howard run into each other on a intersection so they have to unite, they keep arguing. Raj is walking then he gets the idea of 5 million per person and the rest is for all 10 of them to work together and build something great. Emily, Stuart, and Alex decide to unite so they do and their idea is 100% charity. Leonard and Bernadette are hanging out together, but there is a silence for 2 minutes with smiling, so they kiss each other. Penny, Amy, Sheldon, and Howard decide to use all the money for every time any one in the social group has a big idea. Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Stuart, Penny, Amy, Alex, and Emily all meet up and realize the best idea is for them all to work together with the money and do great things with it like technology. Leonard and Bernadette then pick up Steve and Debbie from school together. Leonard and Bernadette are talking about the deal, then they decide that each person receives 5 million dollars each and the rest is shared for any new project the group wants to come up with. Everyone meets up in 4A and they agree with Leonard and Bernadette's idea.

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