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"Family Talk" is the tenth episode of the season 10 fan suggested episodes made by HarryPotter394.


The gang gets together to discuss their families.


The 10 friends are all in 4A, eating dinner and are talking. Sheldon starts talking about genealogy and how he wonders if there are any celebrities he is descended from. He then asks the other gang, if they have ever wondered... and they never have wondered about their own genealogies. Sheldon suggests that they start a group talk about their own families and childhoods and everyone agrees.

The next day, at 4A, everyone gathers round to start the discussion. Sheldon begins with his family talk and then allows Leonard, then Amy, then, Penny, then Raj, then Bernadette, then Howard, then Stuart, then Emily and finally Alex to talk about their families. The one with the most terrible family gets a lot of hugs, sympathy and sorrow while the one with the most wonderful family gets a lot of jealousy. By the end of the discussion, it turns Leonard is the one with the most terrible family and Sheldon is the one with the best family. A majority of the gang had the feeling that Leonard would be the one with the terrible family and childhood, knowing his past. And most of the gang knew that Sheldon had a wonderful family and childhood. And there is a small fight between Penny, Bernadette, Amy, Stuart, Emily and Alex and Howard, Raj and Sheldon about Leonard's family and past where the latter three are severely reprimanded by the former six for being unhelpful and rude to Leonard.

Howard and Raj feel remorseful about their attitude and they apologize to Leonard and they will always help him with family issues. Sheldon, however, is not happy as he wishes he had Leonard's childhood. Bernadette tells him no one cares about that, but the fact that Leonard's mother is the biggest bitch on thee planet. Those words infuriate Sheldon and he tries to talk back to Bernadette, but she glares at him in a scary way and tells him that nobody in the group except for him likes Leonard's mother, and so he decides to shut up and back off, and Amy tells him to be careful or his mother would be called. Sheldon agrees.

Later, they decide to search through the Internet and through genealogy apps to see if they can do traces and find out what ancestors they may have.

Family Stories


Leonard was born in and grew up in New Jersey with his mother, father, brother and sister. He had a difficult childhood, caused by his mother, who he regards as pathetic. He had no birthday or Christmas celebrations as a child due to his parents' wish to focus on personal achievements and to "study the holidays for their anthropological and sociological implications on society." Also, because his birthday was his mom's achievement, not his and in Christmas, writing research papers. Leonard was always mad at his mother because she always did experiments on him and constantly looks down on him and makes him angry all the time for all of her parenting crimes. His father was an anthropologist who spent more time with a 2000 year-old skeleton of an Etruscan boy than with Leonard and gave Leonard the middle name'Leakey' to honour the British archaeologist Louis Leakey with whom Leonard's father had once worked. Leonard and his brother, Michael and their sister sometimes played pranks on each other.

His extended family includes:

  • Uncle Floyd, the only family member of whom Leonard had fond memories as a kid was his Uncle Floyd who died some years ago.
  • Aunt Edna, the hairirest woman anyone would ever meet and
  • Aunt Nancy, who had a lot of cats and they ate her after she died
  • Aunt, who gave him the itchy sweater which he has disposed of
  • Cousins, whom he saw usually and got along fine with them
  • Grandfather, who died on Leonard's birthday which was the closest thing he had to a birthday party
  • Grandmother, stripped naked in Apartment 4A one Thanksgiving


Born and grew up in Texas, with his mother, father, brother and twin sister. He had a hellish childhood where he was bullied a lot, due to being a nerd and at home, was often beaten up by his brother and sister. He was a child prodigy and started college at age 11, forgoing middle school and high school. His father was an alcoholic and worked at a store until he was fired from stealing money from the cash register and died when Sheldon was 18. His brother is an idiot who is a store worker like their father was and dating a whore and his sister is a hostess at Fuddruckers.

His extended family includes:

  • Brother-in-law, his sister's husband
  • Nephew, the son of his sister and her husband
  • Pop-Pop, maternal grandfather whom he cherished, was the only one who encouraged Sheldon to pursue science and died when Sheldon was 5. His death and Santa's being unable to bring him back caused Sheldon to hate Christmas
  • Meemaw, his maternal grandmother
  • Edward, maternal uncle who is now called 'Stumpy' since he cleaned the wood chipper by hand
  • Carl, maternal uncle who was killed by a badger
  • Aunt, paternal aunt who took him to the park at age 9.


He was born in Pasadena to Sam and Debbie Wolowitz. His father left them when he was 11 and he continued to live with his mother. He found out years later that he has a half-brother Josh through his father and a stepmother, Iris. Everyone knows that his mother died in her sleep.

His extended family includes:

  • Jeanie, second cousin Howard lost his virginity to
  • Aunt Gladys,
  • Uncle Murray, His funeral happened the same night Howard lost his virginity to
  • Cousin, unnamed lady who lives with her husband Avi in Israel
  • Aunt Barbara, Howard was at her house when he lost his virginity to Jeanie
  • Uncle Louie


Raj was born and raised in India. He grew up with his mother, father, sister Priya (who is an ex-girlfriend of Leonard's) and 3 brothers and 11 other sister.

His extended family includes:

  • Dalib, grandfather
  • Sanjay, cousin
  • Venkatesh, cousin who is a lawyer


Penny grew up on a farm in Nebraska, Omaha with her mother, father, sister and brother. She has a great relationship with her mother and father, although her father tried to raise her like a boy.

Her extended family includes:

  • Brother-in-law
  • Nephew
  • Cousin, engaged to Penny's promiscuous friend Christy who hooked up with Howard years back.


Born and grew up in Yorba-Linda, California with her mother, father, brother Joey and 4 other siblings.

Her extended family includes:


Amy had a difficult childhood caused by her mother and had no friends. Her mother is a father is a lawyer who left when Amy was 16, because he had enough of Amy's mother, but a bigger reason is because he was offered a job outside of Glendale

Her extended family includes:

  • Uncle
  • Irene, cousin who died the night before her wedding
  • William, cousin who was ground to death in a pepper factory accident
  • Cousin, Paid by Amy's mother to take her to prom, but spent the money on drugs


Stuart grew up in Pasadena with his father, mother, brother and sister. Stuart and his siblings sometimes pranked each other, just for fun. He had

  • Uncle, He is Stan Lee's dermatologist
  • Grandparents, who gave him money and all died sometime ago.
  • John, cousin who lives in San Francisco and works as a car salesman.



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