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Amelia and Cooper.

Amelia and Cooper is a fan fiction written by Amy in a "Little House on the Prairie" theme about a young woman named Amelia who meets a time traveling physicist named Cooper which appeared in "The Troll Manifestation". No formal title was mentioned.

Selections from Amy's story:

It was just past dawn on the prairie and like every morning, Amelia prepared to do her chores except something about this morning felt different. Maybe it was the first whisper of winter in the air, or maybe it was the unconscious handsome man with porcelain skin and curious clothing she was about to discover lying in the field. A man who would open her mind to new possibilities and her body to new feelings, also to have her heart broken.

The man was from the future. He started to tell her about time travel.

“Time travel? I don’t understand,” said Amelia

Cooper stared at her. “Which word don’t you understand? Time or travel?”
It stung Amelia when he spoke to her this way. In her little one-room schoolhouse she was always the smartest student regularly besting the boys in her class, but this was no boy in front of her. This was a man.
Cooper told Amelia about the strange and incredible things that the future would hold. Like computers and living past thirty. He asked her if she had any questions. All she longed to ask if his heart was beating as fast as hers, but she was too afraid to hear the answer. So instead she asked him in the future, if Montana would ever become a USA|state... {Note: IN THE 1800'S IT WAS LIKE FLIRTING.}

With a heavy heart, Amelia stood before the newly repaired time machine. She regretted giving Cooper the parts he needed. As Cooper prepared to depart eyes|tears filled Amelia’s eyes.
He took her hand in his and said, “I can’t stay, but I will never forget you.” He brushed his fingers against her cheek, then quickly stepped into the machine.
“Please don’t go,” she whispered. But it was too late.
The engine hummed to life. She turned away, wiping her eyes. She couldn't bear to watch her one chance at true love disappear forever. Then she felt a strong hand on her shoulder spin her around. It was Cooper.
“What about the future?” asked Amelia.
He looked deeply into her eyes and whispered, “There is no future without you. He pulled her close. She began to tremble all over. She felt his warm breath...

Amelia bathed Cooper and asked,” Is the water warm enough?”
Cooper replied, “Given the fact you took the time to build a wood fire, draw the water from the well and heat it, it would be rude to complain. But since you asked, it is a little nippy.”
“I can fix that,” she said reaching for the kettle and gently pouring in the fresh water. Cooper looked up appreciatively. “I couldn't help but notice your unusual undergarments.”
“They’re not undergarments. They’re Underoos. Where I come from, they’re known as “underwear that’s fun to wear,” said Cooper somewhat proudly.
Amelia knelt down. “And what is the significance of the spider?”
“Oh, that represents Spiderman. He does whatever a spider can," a bit poetically.
Amelia reaches for the sponge. “There’s a lot of rhyming in the future, isn't there?”
As he stood for Amelia to dry him, she glanced down and then asked, “So tell me Cooper, are the ways of physical love, different in the future?”...

One fan's complete Story version; [1]

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