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Evelyn Ingram is a Math teacher at Medford High School.


She's Sheldon Cooper's Math teacher at Medford High School. She received her teaching degree from Oral Roberts University, a background she defends in the pilot episode.

Season 1[]

He gave algebra one class takes a math test Sheldon finished the test before any other student in her class really got started Sheldon tells Ms. Ingram that he has already finished the math test and he will take another test if she has one however Ms. Ingram says that he can just read forward in the textbook. Later in the episode Sheldon passes back everyone's math tests and Sheldon and when he have Georgie has test back Georgie for a B on the math test. Even Ms. Ingram was surprised that Georgie did well on the math test. (Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia)

In a math class, she assumed something in geometry and Sheldon pointed it out to her annoyance. Later when Principal Peterson tells the faculty Sheldon could attend a private school, she and two others had started drinking alcohol at 11am in the faculty teacher's lounge at 11AM, happy that he is gone. (An Eagle Feather, a String Bean, and an Eskimo)

Ms. Ingram teaches her class some new math however Sheldon already knows how to do the math. Just like the principal and other teachers in this school, she want Sheldon to leave this school and misunderstands him. (Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple)

Despite the way she feels about him, Ms. Ingram admits on a video that she recognizes that that because he's so intelligent, she has to study every night just to keep up, and seems disappointed about the prospects of him going to college. (A Secret Letter and a Lowly Disc of Processed Meat)

She was teaching class when Sheldon looks forward to doing the taxes. (A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce)

She was teaching class, as usual when she notices Sheldon is sick. She then sends him to Nurse Nora. (A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor)

In one class, in the school year, she gave Sheldon a 95%, shaking him to the core. (A Math Emergency and Perky Palms)

ON the administrative day, she grades items, which she was appreciative. (A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster)

She had noticed Sheldon was not in class for a week straight; His dad George speaks to her, and she confirms the lengthy absence. (A Broom Closet and Satan's Monopoly Board)

She was called into Principal Petersen's office along with Hubert Givens and Ms Ingram; the principal reveals that George Cooper planned to move to East Texas Tech for a new job and would mean taking Sheldon with him. She is delighted, but is told to make Sheldon happy so he can possibly stay another year, and that his presence increase school funding and in turn their salaries. (The Sin of Greed and a Chimichanga from Chi-Chi's)

One the day of the swim test for all students, she overhears Wayne Wilkins telling Hubert Givens, and replies with "Hallelujah", relieved that she does not deal with him for one day of the entire school year. (Teenager Soup and a Little Ball of Fib)

When Sheldon's neighbors decided to move and put their house on sale, Sheldon asked her to buy it and move in, an question she sternly declined to do so. (A House for Sale and Serious Woman Stuff)

Nearing Sheldon's graduation, she recorded a memo for his mother; she had said he was the hardest student she ever taught not because it was painful but his skill required her to learn more every single day. However, she did still attend graduation. (Graduation)


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